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tbtemplet - December 5

I had Laporascopy done about 3 weeks ago. I have not conceived after a year of trying. The doctor remove a litte bit of Endo. and 2 cysts. I am wondering who else had this done and conceived afterwards and how long did it take to conceive?


Tracy88 - December 5

I had a lap on July 7th and found out I was PG on Sept 11th. The catch is that I did a cycle of injectables a month after my lap. I also had mild endo, cysts, etc.... I did the injectables because I had already been TTC for over two years and was sick of waiting for results. I knew that after the lap, I had a clean slate so there should be no reason for them not to work. I am now 16 weeks PG. Good luck.


tbtemplet - December 5

cool, thanks for the info. Lots of people told me that they conceived right after they did the lap because there was nothing in their way!! Keep your fingers crossed for me THANKS AGAIN!!


Tink - December 5

i had a lap oct 20th. prior to, i had done 4 months of clomid and timed BD at home. then did die test, then did 2 IUIs with clomid. then the lap. they removed 5 spots of mild endo, drained a swollen ovary and removed one cyst. I got AF 2 days after the lap. i started an IUI/injectable cycle right away in november. BFN. i just have no luck it seems after almost 2 years! anyways- now i have anotehr cyst and have to sit out this month. hoping for another IUI/injectables in late december when AF comes again. I hear it can be a great time to conceive after a lap, just don't count on it. it can help, but isn't a guarantee or anything. i got my hopes up since i had the lap and was doing my first injectable round and had my hopes dashed completely. so i am now closing in on 2 months post lap and hoping maybe in the long run it makes a difference! good luck to you! are you doing any meds/IUIs etc.


meme_g - December 5

Hey there - two of my friends had laps and were pregnant (naturally) - one at 4 mos, post surgery, and the other 6. Both had previously been having unprotected sex - one for 3 years, and the other for 2 years. So it can happen, but I know what you mean, with this infertility stuff it always feels like you have to temper your hopes, otherwise, it hurts too much. I'm scheduled for my lap in two week, so will keep you posted what happens with me. Take care!



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