Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy - pls help
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Cleo - January 19

I am going for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy pretty soon, please can anyone who has experienced this share their experience with me as I am very scared. How do they put you to sleep (needles?) and how long does the pain last?


fernanda - January 20

see the other posting on laparoscopy - i have detailed explanation of what its about. As far as how they put you to sleep-they put a catheder in your arm (a very slim plastic tube that fits in a needle. The needle goes into your arm depositing the thin plastic tube) and then they put the anaesthetic in the tube and you're knocked out in seconds! Trust me, I was so surprised. I had a lacaroscopy for my endometriosis and the pain was relative when I woke up and they gave me morphene to settle. After a day the pain was "ok" (that is, nothing that panadol couldnt fix!). I was terrified out of my wits about the catheder in my bladder more than anything. They put one in when youre knocked out and then a or 2 later they take it out and that stings a little when they pull it out but only momentary. It wasnt as bad as I thought. It will be fine - they know what they're doing and they know how we-YOU feel. Good luck!


Pinky - January 20

Well in details is fairly a long story but I would love to talk to ya about i email me [email protected] or just read the post under my thread lap and hyst. It wasnt bad at all IT WAS WORTH IT! They gave me this pill before putting me to sleep and it made me so tired and exausted. It helped me as far as the anesthesia. I stayed overnight at hospital due to the healing. I guess... but email me sometimes take care; Pinky :)



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