Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
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Jess in TX - August 27

I had a lap, hysteroscopy, and a D&C 10/04.My problems were ovarian cysts, endo, and unexplained bleeding. Unfortunately, it was a very painful recovery for me--though I don't regret it a bit. I found out 6/12/05 that I'm pregnant.


christine - October 29

any of you ladies had blocked tubes and had it cleared after lap, did you become pregnant i am looking for success stories , my lap is in november.


Loopy Lisa - November 8

Had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and D&C done 2 weeks ago. Irregular periods for most of my life. Trying to conceive for 18months. Last period April '05!!!! Found that my lining has thickened. No mention of PCOS which they thought I had? Going back to gynae in 4wks for results of D&C.
The op itself wasn't that bad. My dissolvable stitches in my belly button didn't take so had to have a local anaesthetic when I came around from general to have silk stitches!! Info sheet that I was given on discharge stated no exercise for 24 hours. Found this hilarious as I could not walk without holding my belly for 3 days! Two weeks on and my stomach is still very swollen. Feels really lumpy as well which has freaked me out. Suppose I got to give it time to settle? Has anyone got thickened lining (endometrium) or hard lumpy belly after op?
Good luck to everyone with their baby making. Hope we all have a positive pregnancy test for Christmas!!! xx



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