Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
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babycrazy - April 25

Hi, I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy and nothing......
My tubes are still blocked and they told me that they don't know why, maybe I've had an infection in the past. My doc also told me that my only option would be in-vitro.


chrissy - May 1

I just had laproscophy, hysterschophy, and d an c last week, and it wasnt thatbad an expeience, i was more nervous about the anestesia then the operation, since i never been in the hospital before, so i got there at about 9 they started to prep me and all by 9:30 and i was home by 1:30....with little pain just sore around the insicions and severe chest pains that i still have from the gas they blow you up with, but i have a wonderful dr. and his assistant who comorted me and were justawesome, i was diagnosed with endometrios and my hubby and i have been trying to concieve for 7 years, this is my hope, so i will let you know and update if it works, people i talk to have conceived after this and i hope it works for us! besides that elliminate some pain during periods cause that was bad. but all having this done no worries, it helps you in the end, and isnt bad at all.i also asked for anit nausea drugs for the anestesia so that helped ease that. all my best to everyone, chrissy


chrissy - May 2

actually the worst of it was the preparing day before, cause i was on alot of antibiotics which was good to prevent infection, and only broths and clear stuff, and the bowel prep, but i am so glad i had this done for i feel better with the endometrios already.wishing you all the best.


Jennifer - May 3

I just had a laparoscopy done on April 13th b/c of endometriosis. I am already pregnant. it's amazing!


Jennifer - May 3

laparoscopy experience:
Don't be scared by the stories you find on here. I think theirs are the extreme. What they described was what i expected but not what i got. The endo hurt me worse than the laparoscopy! I was only in the hospital for about 4 hours. When i woke up I had minimal pain and no sudden urgency to use the b-room. infact i didn't have have any of the "wind" problems. I only took 1 pain pill and that was about 12 hours after my surgery. I was back to my normal activites in less than a week. My only problem was that my tummy was kind of large (like i was 6 months pregnant) so i had to borrow some bigger clothes from friends since i couldn't fit in mine. Now i just found out that i am expecting! Hang in there ladies=)


christina - May 4

jennifer, i agree, i was reading so much before i went for it and i am fine, i was scared but had i not i wouldnt know i had endometriosis, at least now i can go by something, and it is 12 days since i had it and the scars you can hardly is good to seek advice or stories but not to think that will be you, cause everyone is so different. i hope this works for us trying to conceive, and everyone here, God bless!


christina - May 4

ps- i only took tylenol no need for real pain killers, and i was on my feet in a few days, wishing everyone success!


christina - May 4

though everyone is so different and should share their experiences it is helpful....


PinkyWantsBaby - May 10

Thanks for responding ladies it's great to meet others with the same simularities... But is there anyone else who has gotten pregnant after this surgery. I dont wanna lose hope. Thanks in Advance :) I've had the surgery and now thinking of IVF who knows need some HOPE


Dorene - June 17

I dont have an answer, but I too am having surgery on June 28th to clear left tube? any success stories?


Pinky - June 18

Hi all been logging on as dreama, sorry about the name change :) any sucess lately??? So anxious to know if anyone has. I am on the 2 ww so hope all is well later ladies


sally - June 19

i had a laperoscopy last august. they drilled holes in my ovaries to make me ovulate better and the also cleared me of having endometriosis and PCOS which was a relief to me. i have been regular ever since and i got pregnant in april only to find out in may and about 4 days after i found out i lost it. so i would say that mine was a success.


Pinky/Dreama - June 19

So very sorry Sally. I have more hope knowing you got pregnant in April. So that mean it took you 8 months after surgery. I had mine Novemeber 24th. so its been 7 months. RE told me to wait 6-12 months and if nothing maybe another lap. I wish you the best. Hope to hear more from you. take care :)


Erin - August 9

i had sucess after my laparoscopy on the first month after but it ened as a tubal pregnancy now i only have one tube..weve been trying for three years.


Pinkywantsbaby - August 25

Well I havent been on as much as I should. Any luck ladies with Lap's? Just spreading some *+*+*+*+babydust*+*+*+ And letting ya know no baby yet here. Take care!:)


Jess in TX - August 27

I had a lap, hysteroscopy, and a D&C 10/04.My problems were ovarian cysts, endo, and unexplained bleeding. Unfortunately, it was a very painful recovery for me--though I don't regret it a bit. I found out 6/12/05 that I'm pregnant.



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