Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
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Pinky - December 21

Hi, I've been trying for 3 yrs now and just finally got a Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done... ANY ladies have a success after those surgeries? What was your diagnoses?


fernanda - January 19

Im 26yo and had a laparoscopy at 25y.o to diagnose and 'clear' my endometriosis. The also found an ovarian cyst. I had a fair amount of endometiral tissue but they did say for me to TTC straight away for the best chances of fertility. I have been TTC since Sep 2004 and still nothing. Am losing a little hope here. But I hope all is well with your procedure.


Cleo - January 19

I am going to have one fairly soon. Please can you share your experience with me. I am very scared.


Fernanda - January 20

Cleo I am glad to share. This was my very first 'operation' ever!!and I was quite nervous and scared also. Before the operation the doctors were 90%sure I had endometriosis. So I knew in my head that the operation would identify this disease and also clear the tissue.

Prior to the procedure you will need to take certain laxatives to clear your bowels. This is done for 2 reasons. To allow them to see your 'insides' clearer and also to minimise the risk of infection incase something is cut inside.
The procedure requires you to be put under general anaesthetic (you'd be surprised how quickly you get knocked out!). They make 2 little incision above your pubic bone about 30cm apart to hold the instrument (while you are under ofcourse) and make an incision in your belly button.

They 'blow air' into your tummy so that they can move around easier in there. After the surgery I was sore. In their 'travels' they found an ovarian cyst and they cleaned that also for me. They gave me morphene to settle the pain and it worked nicely!

One thing I did not expect though was the wind! After the operation and when I got home because of the amount of air they put in my body I needed to expel it right?! But it wasnt easy! I felt sharp pains in my shoulder for a long time. I thought I had slept wrong or something but it was the 'wind'. It was nasty for a little while but it was ok after a while.

I hope this settles your mind a little bit. Oh another thing that I failed to mention was that they do need to put a catheder in your bladder during the operation. So you dont feel it going in and they kept mine in for 2 days which is how long it took me to get out of the bed.

And remember - you MAY feel giddy and want to pass out when you first start getting out of your bed in hospital. It happened to me and I thought every time I moved I was going to black took me another day to settle that!!...but I overcame that!! :) All the best and let me know how you go!


Ina - January 20

My laparoscopy experience: I also have endometriosis and also had the laparoscopy to clear this out. My experience was exactly the same as Fernanda's as far as the actual procedure was concerned, except that I was not given anyting to clear my bowels, I just had to not eat from 6am that morning and I had the op at 12pm. I awoke at 4pm after the op. That's where the drama started. Because they basically blow up your lower body to be able to see inside the tubes with their cameras as they work, all of that wind needs to come out. I woke up as they were taking me out of the theatre, and immediately had the most overwhelming feeling that I was going to need a toilet for SERIOUS business pretty soon. So I started throwing off all the sheets and (so embarassing) the theatre dress that I was wearing, and in the nude tried to storm to a toilet. Obviously I was still very sedated and weak and disturbed from the anaesthetics, so they had to hold me down because they weren't able to reason with me to stay on the bed! I kept trying to break free and run! Afterwards they had a good laugh at me and I was very embarassed. But that feeling of needing a toilet was just the most overwhelming feeling, I wasn't able to care about anything than getting to the loo! Then as I was left in my hospital room to recover, I had pain like I can't possibly explain to you. However, according to my medical specialists, it is unusual and not the norm to have the pain that I was experiencing. It was not pain from the cuts and operation, it was the pain from the wind in my bowels. I was going NUTS with pain. This lasted for exactly one hour, and then immediately stopped, and I had no pain afterwards except for the mild pain around the cuts. For me the entire operation was very easy and painless as far as the surgery is concerned. It's the anaesthetics and wind that was terrible! I really don't take well to anaesthetics, my whole family acts like crazy people (some bang their heads against the wall, others run (like me), others attack their spouses and swear!) so if your body doesn't freak out over that, you will find the op very easy, I think. Good luck!


Pinky - January 20

Hi Thanks for the responses...:) well with my Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy back Nov 24th 2004, I was told that I needed one to explore my reproductive organs. I was unexplain for years since Birth control. I had a vaginal ultrasound the day before to see if there was polyps, fibroids or any abnormalities. After surgery I was fine, I didnt feel anything due to the IV's in my hand. The IV's were the ONLY thing I was feeling. Then later that day I felt the worst pain in my neck and shoulder and that was from the Co2 gas they blow through belly button :) After the gas started to leave You can tell by the pain reducing. So then I was told that they found the reason why I couldnt conceive and that was because doctor found adhesions. I said " scar tissue" he said No "adhesions" minor that is called peritubal adhesions. They kinked my tubes and ovaries but did not damage anything. Did not block my tubes at all My tubes were clear on HSG and were not block So now I am on 2nd month after surgery of TTC. Has anyone ever had success after LAPAROSCOPY if so your advise would be much appreciated. Thanks Pinky


WendyUK - March 17

Oi! I need advice about a lap! What exactly am I surpose to expect after a lap due to unblocking tubes during lap? not badly blocked but scarred????


michelle - March 17

hi ladies, i had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, they found nothing apart from i do not ovulate, this was resolved with clomid but it resulted in an eptopic, had another operation similar to the above,hoping tube is not to badly scarred.. am on clomid now (year later) 1st cycle and have been told i had follicles about to release eggs in my opposite ovary, fingers crossed it works this time, if not got to have tubal dye test next month.


WendyUK - March 21

Scarring is horrible. Sometimes I wish GOD could bless me than have me SUFFER!!!!What am I do to if I am childless. Adhesions is ruining my LIFE!!!


Jen - March 23

Has anyone ever had scarring on tube and ovary and succeeded with pregnancy ?


Pinky - March 29

Thats what I wanna know Jan lol I am anxious to know


Cpac - March 31

Well I been trying for 3 yrs and still trying with adhesionolysis :(


??? - April 3

what is adheliosis?


Shrikant Joshi - April 3

Hello Sir,
I want information about Laparoscopic Electrorection of Overies Surface in there any side effect...?
my email id [email protected]
Thank in advance.
Best Regards,


Sharon - April 9

Has anyone had these done in the Boston area?

sharon [email protected]


Elaine - April 25

I've had this procedure done a month in a half a go an it went great. My question now is how long before I get pregnant. I haven't gotten my period yet and I've taken a test and was negative. How long was it before anyone got pregnant after the procedure..


babycrazy - April 25

Hi, I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy and nothing......
My tubes are still blocked and they told me that they don't know why, maybe I've had an infection in the past. My doc also told me that my only option would be in-vitro.



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