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gracie123 - August 1

Hello Ladies, I have a question. My husband and I have been TTC for about a year and a half. I chart and I am sure we are timing it right. He went in for testing and checked out fine. I did bloodwork and had an HSG to see if my tubes were blocked. So far everything has checked out ok. I go in for an ultra sound next week. My doctor mentioned laparoscopy and I have read up on it but I was wondering when your doctors recommended having it done and why(besides not being able to get pregnant). This whole TTC is so emotional. I have normal periods and can pinpoint the day my period will arrive as soon as I get a temp rise. I just feel like there has to be a reason for me not getting pregnant and I want to make sure I do everything that I can to find out what that reason is. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


jamie74 - August 1

you need to talk to katt on anyone ttcin august looking for cycle buddies chapter 4 look her up she just had a lap friday


MelissaV - August 2

Well, it sounds like so far testing wise you've been lucky, but I know it's still sooo frustrating. My doctor decided to do the lap when she found blockage during my HSG. We had been ttc for almost 2 years at that time. I think the lap is a good test to have done if your doctor recommends it. My doctor thought she was seeing cysts all over everything and thought I had PCOS, but from the lap she found it was endometriosis and was able to remove most of it. I am still not pg, but I am glad that I had the lap done so I knew exactly what was going on in there. Good luck to you and hang in there!


Tracy88 - August 2

Gracie, as I read your post, it was as if I were reading my own story. I was "unexplained", had been trying for about a year and half, all tests came back clear and normal, periods are like clockwork, I ovulate on my own, but obviously I wasn't getting PG. The next reasonable step for me was a lap. I am tiny, but have quite painful periods, so the doctor thought it would be helpful as a diagnostic tool to see if anything was going on. Well, they did the lap on July 7th and found endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, a fibroid tumor, scar tissue, extra tissue in the uterus, and polypoid tissue in the uterus as well. All that was going on and I had no clue. Everything but the fibroid had gone undetected all this time. The doctor said that not one thing by itself would have been causing my infertility, but all of it combined could. I am 36 years old, so I was aggressive in finding answers. I think depending on how old you are and how expediantly you want to have a baby, is what will help you determine how aggressive you want to get. I needed answers and felt I had no time to waste. I am so glad I had the procedure. It was VERY easy to recover from and not very painful at all. I have had major surgeries before and this one was a piece of cake. I just got over my first period since the lap and am already about to ovulate! The doctor is monitoring me this cycle to see how my body works, so they did an ultrasound today (cd9) and I have one 20mm follicle in my right ovary and my lining looked great. I was told there is no reason I should not be able to get pg on my own, but if I don't in the next month or so, we are moving on to injectable hormones. Anyway, good luck, and my advice......get the lap done. It makes me feel more at ease knowing that I am all clean in there. It also would have made me feel better to know if nothing was going on. Keep in touch and let me know what you do. I am a regular on the thread "We all will get a positive". Pop in sometime!


gracie123 - August 2

Thank you for the posts! I am going in next week for an ultra sound. I was worried about fibroids because the first 2 days of my period are a little painful and I tend to clot. My doc says it is normal but figured better be safe and do the ultra sound. After that I will talk to her about the lap. I am turning 30 next month, DH is 31. I'm a teacher and love kids. I still have faith that we will get pregnant. Good luck to you all!


Tracy88 - August 2

Gracie, I swear you sound just like me. I was seeing a personal trainer, and had to keep a log of my workouts, and you can always see when I got my period because the first two days of AF would be blank, or I would write "period", because I just couldn't make it to the gym. I also clotted. I was also a teacher until October of '05. I quit teaching since I was exhausted all the time, sick all the time, and obviously wasn't conceiving. I thought if I kicked back and relaxed, that I might conceive. Luckily we could afford for me to make such a drastic change. Good luck and keep me posted on that ultrasound!



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