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Jenner - July 27

Hi everyone, I thought I would share my experience with the lap I had done on Monday. I had surgery on Monday and I didn't really expect to find anything. I don't have a lot of pain during my periods but I have paid during sex and we have been trying to conceive for about 3 years now with one miscarriage. Well the surgery that was suppose to take 1 hour took 2 hours. The doctor found a significant amount of endometriosis. She had to do extensive work to get rid of it all. I ended up in the hospital overnight too. I was severly dehydrated and I got an infection. Well my white blood cell count was up so they pumped with antibiotics. I wasn't putting out any urine. I had a cathader in me and they were pumping urine in me like crazy but I was putting anything back out. Finally I started putting out urine. The doc had to go in 4 places on my belly and do some work vaginally. I am off of work for 2 weeks but I am not in much pain. Really very little pain. She just wants me to heal before doing anything. She also said something about my uterus being soft...not sure what that is all about but I have a follow up appointment where I will ask more questions. I just wanted to stop by to give a report on my experience. Just keep in mind that this is not the norm for having a lap done. Most people do not stay in the hospital and are only off of work a few days. It was worth getting it done though as I have some answers now and I didn't think they would find anything at all. I am hoping we will get pregnant now. The good news is that my fallopian tubes are open and there was no endo in them!!!


Jenner - July 27

Ooppssieess...I meant they were pumping fluids into me....not urine!!!


Mega - July 27

Jenner--I'm so sorry about your lap experience. Get well soon! But as you said, at least now you have some answers and hopefully she got all the endo. Good luck! I'm glad you're not in much pain.


Tracy88 - July 27

Hi Jenner, I had a lap done about two weeks ago. I didn't expect them to find much going on in there either, but lo and behold, they found a number of things. I too had endo, cysts on my fallopian tubes, a fibroid, scar tissue, polyps, and extra tissue in my uteran cavity. I have officailly been "cleaned out". I just got my first period since the lap, and although I was hoping for it to be painless (ha), it was only a little less painful than the periods I've been having. I wish you lots of luck, and I'm glad your lap went well overall. I basically took the whole two weeks off after my lap and just relaxed, allowing myself to heal completely.


Jenner - July 27

Thanks ladies for your kind words!! Good luck to you both also!! I am thinking of lots of questions to ask my doctor when I see her next. Has anyone had adenomyosis? Can you carry a pregnancy to term if you have that? My doc says she thinks I have that also, which is why my uterus is soft. I don't know much about it.


Tracy88 - July 28

Nope, no adenomyosis.


Jenner - July 30

I have had some vaginal bleeding since I had the lap done. The doctor said I would have some bleeding because she had to do some work vaginally. She said it would be lite. Now the bleeding has gotten heavy. It is more like having my period. I was expecting my period soon but when the bleeding started to get heavier it would have been about 6 days early. It felt like my period too with cramps. Has anyone experienced anything like this after having a lap done? I haven't called my doc as I just assumed it was my period and I don't feel sick otherwise. I feel good. I guess I didn't expect my period to come on time much less early.....


Tracy88 - July 31

Jenner, make sure you call the doc first thing in the morning and tell them that you are bleeding heavily. It shouldn't matter when your period is due, I son't think you should be blleding as heavy as you are. I am no doctor, but definitely think they need to know what is going on since they know what you should and should not be experiencing right now. I was told that some bleeding is normal, but if it gets as heavy as a period, to call them right away.


Tracy88 - July 31

Third sentence down has lots of should say, "I don't think you should be bleeding as much as you are."


Jenner - July 31

Thanks Tracy. I will call my doc and let her know. I didn't before because I just assumed it was my period. My periods are always heavy so I didn't think much of it. My periods usually don't come early though and if I am guessing right this would be about 6 days early. It is hard to tell because I have had bleeding since I had the lap done. I had surgery on Monday and it got heavier on Friday and is still heavier today. I will call tomorrow. It doesn't hurt to call....Thanks again.


patrizia - July 31

hi jenner. i had a lap done on march 30. very extensive. and i got af the day after the surgery. it was heavier than usual and my surgeon said that was normal so i really didnt worry about it---but call your dr. and let him knew. .---i just wanted to let you knew that it is not uncommon to get af right after the surgery and yes it can be heavy---pkus my surgeon told me the next af's would be a bit irregular. and in my case they were.


Joy16 - July 31

Hi girls, I am scheduled to do a lap on Aug. 7. I have had two surgeries before for endo and they were not painful at all. However, the last time I had it done which was in January, the doctor found endo on my appendix. So now I have to remove my appendix and I am super nervous and scared of having a lot of pain after surgery. Has anyone had their appendix removed due to the endo?


Tracy88 - July 31

Patrizia, it's good to know that someone else has been through what Jenner is going through. I had my lap very early in my cycle, so it wasn't close enough to AF for her to show so early. I usually get AF on cd28, but this time got it on cd26. Jenner, still call the doc, but like Patrizia said, it probably is AF. Let us know what the doc says. Good luck! Joy, just out of curiosity, why can't they just remove the endo from the appendix without having to take the whole thing out? Good luck with that. Let us know how that goes as well.


Joy16 - July 31

Hi Tracey, since the appendix really has no use, they don't want to take the risk of having a ruptured appendix in the future. Thanks


Tracy88 - July 31

Oh, good to know. Good luck with that!


Jenner - July 31

Hi ladies, it IS very good to know that someone else go their period right after. I didn't end up calling the doc (I know I am terrible and I should call) but the bleeding is very minimal now, which follows right along the lines of how my periods are anyway...really heavy the first couple of days and then light to nothing after that. The only difference, besides having the surgery of course, is that it came 6 days early.....I know it doesn't hurt to still call the doctor though just to make sure!!!


Tracy88 - August 1

Jenner, the only reason I think you should call your doc at this point is simple communication. I think they should know what is going on so they can document it. That way they have something to look back on in your records. I'm sure you are fine. If this was AF, do you plan to use the next two weeks to heal and then start trying when you ovulate? or are you going to take the whole month of August off from TTC? Does your doc have a plan for you?



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