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Dak - January 30

Hie ladies, I am a lady aged 25, have been on this site before. I went through a Laparatomy on NOvember 16 2005 after I hadd ttc for 5 months. I m/c in June 2005, I conceived after I took 1 course of Clomid. I took four rounds of clomid after the mc but was not successful. Went through all sorts of testing but they were negative. I have two cuts on on the pubic hair line the other one below the belly button from the Laparatomy. MY question is are there ladies who conceived and carry the preg to term after a Laparatomy. If so how long did it take for you to conceive. This is my first month ttc after the operation. The problem was that I had adhesions ie my tubes adhered to each other (blocked). The only way to unblock them was through the suggery. I wish you all the best so that 2006 should be a year of healthy babies.



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