Lap. & injectables after clomid failure!!!! help
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kotkot005 - September 10

Well, I have a pretty long 2 year story to tell. Well, after 3months of marriage I recognized that my AF is not regular anymore (the thing that never happened on the past). Anyways, I decided to see the doctor for the first time on my life. So I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on clomid.
This was the very big shock I started my marriage life with. I am skinny, no excess hair and with very regular cycles it was very hard to anticipate that my baby making machine is not functioning appropriately.
After three failed cycles on clomid, where it was successful to induce ovulation. I decided to go for a specialist who requires HSG and a husband semen analysis. There was a tiny blockage at the end of my fallopian tubes that was hande4led through the procedure itself by the presser of the injected dye.
I was put on ovamit when I fall pregnant right away. The happiness didn't last so long , I had an early miscarriage.
Since then I have been going to the same doctor who decided to put me on clomid for 6 successive cycles with metformin. All my cycles were successful ovulation wise but nothing happened yet. I did my HSG once again and both tubes are patent.
My doctor now is ready to move on for the next step which is Lap. , the procedure he is really defending strongly at this stage. If the diagnostic Lap. Doesn’t show any problem he said he will go for injectables, if there is a problem they will try doing a corrective procedure during the Lap.
My heart is telling me that there will be no problem in the Lap. This is what I feel. And I am pretty sure that we will go for indictable. So I have many concerns if I didn’t benefit from the clomid do I still have a chance in injectables. Is it better and does it have hogher success rates? Just wondering, hope that you can help.


thayward7 - September 10

kotkot005.... Hi! I am switching to a clomid/injectable combo after 4 cycles of clomid and metforming without getting pregnant. I too ovulated, but was still unsuccessful. My RE sais you have more control of things on injectables. He also said he doesn't like to do the same thing after it hasn't worked for 4 cycles - that's why he's switching it up a bit. Good luck with your lap. Let us know how things go. Injectables do have a higher risk of multiples than clomid... although, most of us TTC don't worry as much about that! Smiles and Babydust...T


kotkot005 - September 10

oh yeah ! that's really true .. i really do not find a problem in giving birth to three at once!!! that's really amazing how deprived women are hungry for kids.
well yes .. my doctor's plan is the same although he sticks for a 6month plan on each therapy .. then he moves to the back up plan. have you done Lap. ever? i am really worried from that procedure. is it your first cycle on the combination? isnt a clomid/injectables comb. are really too much ? especially that you have ovulated on clomid alone?
i wish you all the luck... keep me posted


Ann1 - September 10

kotkot, I have done a lap and they found that I had endo. I had no symptoms of endo whatsoever. I think a lap is the best thing to do before you start injectibles. I do think 6 months is pretty long to do injectibles, if you don't get success with them. My RE suggested 3 rounds of injectibles before moving on to ivf. There are definitely a lot of people that get pg from injectibles that did not with clomid. I hope you are one of them! Also, I've talked to women on the board with pcos, and injectibles gave them more follies than the clomid did. Good luck!


kotkot005 - September 11

well i hope so . i will keep you posted with what happens



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