Ladies with Blocked tubes and cannot afford Ivf ,pls read on
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Christine - December 2

Hi ladies,
If you have blocked tubes and cannot afford IVF , I have some great information how we can all bond together and make this happen. I was told by my doctor recently I have blocked tubes, I have also had three miscarriages. I cannot afford IVF and I am sure there is a lot of us out there. We can make this happen pls respond to this post ASAP , or email me at [email protected], we can make this happen there is strenght in numbers. I will post the info as soon as you respond, so pls respond asap; this is attainable but we have to work together, lets stop dreaming its impossible to get pregnant with blocked tubes without IVF, lets make it happen++++++


Tracy K - December 8

I too have one blocked tube and one that was removed because of ectopic


Elaine - December 20

I lost both of my tubes from ectopic pregnancy....


tiki - December 20

okay how can this work im all ears????


Tamara - December 20

Pls post where you are getting your information. Is it a doctor you know that will do an HSG in attempts to open your tubes? What is it? Share......


marie a - April 3

I would love any and all info........need an avenue of hope. Both tubes blocked Proximal.....


to all - April 3

Beware, because this sounds like a scam to get your information via email. If this person really had a valid course of treatment, he/she would post more information on the board and not try to get you to contact over email. Besides, if you have completely blocked or no tubes, your egg and sperm cannot meet without some form of assisted reproductive technology (ivf, zift, gift).



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