Ladies with 28day cycle
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Pinky Again - July 2

I thought 28 day was normal. Well not normal enough to get pregnant. What you thought ladies?


kisses - July 2

I also have a regular cycle but not exactly 28 sometimes it's between 27-29 but it seems so hard to get pregnant.


Abersmom - July 3

Ovulating regularly ( which will produce regular cycles) is only a part of the battle! I also have extrememly regular cycles, yet have been trying to conceive baby #2 for over a year. Your hubby's sperm count could be low, or not very mobile. Your tubes could have blockage, or it oculd simply take a while for you to get pregnant. I think the statistic is only about 15% of healthy couples to get pregnant each month! Don't give up, keep working at it, and ask your gyno if you're not pregnant after a year of actively trying!


G - July 4

Hi Abersmom, I am in the same boat with you. I had my regular cycle back after 7 mths of my 1st baby and have been trying so hard to get 2nd for about 8 mths. I was given clomid for 3 cycles (due to my ages 38) but not seccess. I had done HSG middle of June and the result shown left tube clear and right tube cannot be seen. The liquid cannot be retained in cervix due to patulous cervix and the uterus is underfilled. Suppose to go for laprascopy but I feel to give me some time before I go. Most of the gyno I see tell me one thing that is due to my age, my egg is "old", thus my chances are low...... I am really stress about this. I just need someone who can listen and share my feeling....


Pinky - July 4

Well it isnt hubby we been going through this for awhile now. Its me. I had lap & hyst Nov doc said all should be well. We'll see!:) Any hoo my tubes not block, no endo, no cyst. I had a little scarring and hopefully it is all clear now. Good luck ladies cause I need it.



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