ladies who tried ivf
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miranda - January 30

I am doing ivf next doing the birth control this month then starting the fertility meds on my next cycle.....can anyone share thier ivf experience with me please?


Justine - January 30

Hi Miranda - I did IVF with ICSI in Feb 05 due to male infertilty and thankfully it worked first-time and I now have a 3 month old baby girl called Sophie. There are several women going through IVF at the moment on the thread called IVF which you'ld be very welcome to join if you want to. Hope your first IVF works for you as well.


Terry - February 6

My husband and I just started our injections Wed. the 1st. Let me know what you have done? Where are you going? I'm am going to an excellent dr. in Mexico.



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