ladies who doen IUI
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Pinky - March 20

My Dh says the doctor should be inteligent to figure out the problem and get solution. That's more important right now than being more informative and nice to you. So, I like to see couple of more opointments. She is doing her practice from more than 30 years and having 3 offices (Women's healthcare) with other doctors. She is head of this healthcare centers. So, Let's see. How about your doctor? Is they explain every thing to you in details?


Pinky - March 20

Galina, I am using OPK test to detect ovulation. I thinkl it's giving me quite early notice (3 days advance). Than after I can see stable increase in my BBT chart.


Pinky - March 20

Also, Can we open new thread name as "ladies who doen IUI -2". This one is very long and takes time to open.


Mega - March 20

Well Pinky, your dr certainly sounds highly qualified & that's a good point your DH made. I think men though value good bedside manners less than we do. I like my dr overall, & I'll love him of course when I get my baby! He will explain things to me, but typically I think it's b/c I ask a ton of questions (which usually isn't nearly all my total questions anyway). Ann, yes, I decided to get asian food today too once you planted that idea in my brain! :) Pinky, you're right, this thread is getting too long. Since it was your idea, you can start the next thread.


Galina - March 20

Hi guys, please just let me know when we "officialy" will begin the new thread. I am horrible at these things :). Pinky, do u check for cm also? If your O predictor is telling you 3 days early, maybe u should start bd around that time for about 4-5 days? Your dr does sound experienced enough, so just trust her and become friendly with the nurses. I am so hungry now reading about your lunches. It is bearly noon here and we have nothing close to $3.99 where I work. Try $13.99 for the cheapest simple turkey sandwich. Please let me know when we will change to the new thread.


Ann - March 20

I started a new thread: "ladies who doen IUI - 2"


Mega - March 20

$13.99 for a turkey sandwich VS $3.99 Chinese luncheon special--that's LA prices vs Cincy prices for ya. But wow, $14 for turkey? I hope it's the best turkey sandwich you've ever eaten, Galina! What part of the city do you work at? Don't worry, we'll let you know when we change over to a new thread so you & Katie & everyone can find it.


Galina - March 20

Mega, go to the new thread....:)



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