ladies who doen iui
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amy F - November 16

how long did you take clomid before you start iui?


Mega - November 16

Hi Amy F. I had 2 cycles of just Clomid, before pairing it with an IUI. I'm currently on my 2nd cycle of Clomid/trigger/IUI.


amyf - November 16

tanks mega , i didnt know i thought after first month you can do iui !


isa - November 16

You can do iui same month as you start clomid, I did. (and injections). You have to be monitored thou as it can cause problems like thinning of the lining.


Mega - November 16

The only reason I took Clomid a couple of times by itself before pairing it with IUI is at that time I was going to an OB. Then she ref. me to a RE who started me on IUIs as well. It's like Isa said, it's important to be monitored while on Clomid.



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