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Ceno - December 19

it will b 10 weeks tomorrow since my last period. ive taken 3 hpts. all 3 were negative. i went in today and did a blood test, waiting on the results for tomorrow. the ob-gyn (who happened to be a male) did not ask any questions and simply just prescribed me provera, stating that i am indeed not pregnant. i find it odd how he didn't bother to ask me about my sexual history and simply stated that i "indeed" have amerrorhea and thereby prescribed me provera. i'm waiting for the results of the blood test. if i'm not pregnant, other things could be happening with my body, but of course he did not bother to check. besides that, i feel awfully pregnant, with every pregnancy symptom possible and in full affect. ladies, advice, suggestions, insight, please...


Tink - December 19

i would wait to see the test results. if you aren't happy with this doc, i would seek a second opinion or be more aggressive wtih your doc about requesting testing and treatment. you have to be your own cheerleader, sometimes you just have to ask. have you had problems TTC and how long have you been TTC? i would probably seek a second opinion or another doctor if you don't feel like this one is measuring up.


Boo b do - December 19

I had a similar problem, a scan showed I had cysts, which can stop af. There are a number of reasons, but I would suggest you ask for a scan before taking provera. You OB should have suggested this before giving you it. I am a little suprised. Good luck


Boo b do - December 19

Out of curiousity what is the blood test testing? If it is for pregnancy, this will not show up cysts. Hope you find out soon.



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