Ladies, I need your opinions
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Audrey - July 3

I got off of the pill on December, 2004. My husband and I have been TTC ever since then, so it has been just over 6 months. My periods have become lengthy and irregular... last one was 44 days... am already on day 36 of this cycle and no AF yet. Do you think it is too early for me to go to the Doctor? Should I give my body more time? I know it has only been six months, but it feels like 6 years! Also, If I did go to the Doctor, what could they do for me at this point? Thanks for the help.


Ann - July 3

Hi Audrey- I know it can be frustrating trying to get pg. I went off the pill and tried to get pg for about 6 mo. also with no luck. My cycles are about 29-41 days(crazy!). This is one reason that I ended up going to my Dr. I went to my Dr. basically really upset and looking for guidance. For insurance purposes they need to say you have been trying for a year. Even though it hadn't been a year, she was very willing to say it had been and to start testing both my husband and me. I was 29 at the time, so I think that made a difference too. I think you should ask your Dr., the worst they can say is that they want you to wait another 6mo. If they are willing to test you then at least you can rule things out and try with new confidence. Good Luck to you!


Drew - July 4

Audrey, although it hasn't been a year, they still may want to find out why your cycles are so long. I'd talk to your gyn about it, and maybe they can fix your problem right away. Good luck!



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