Ladies Help!! Anyone experience this??
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JamieLynne - June 30

Well I am 14dpo and have been ttc for two years. I just had an IUI with clomid and ovidrel. I had bloodwork done and just found out my levels are only at 23 right now - usually positive ones are between 75-100 right now. They are not hopeful that it is going take - has anyone had low levels to start out but ended up keeping the pregnancy?? I am so scared - I have never had a positive before....


pinky - June 30

Congratulations and check out this web site

is 17. So, May be it should be o.k. Good luck..Main thing is that Is it doubling every other day ? If not than possible that it is ectopic or chemical pregnancy.


pinky - June 30

Have a happy long Weekend!...


JamieLynne - June 30

Thanks Pinky!! That is encouraging. The nurse made me feel like there was no hope. They don't want me to go back until Wed. the 5th - isn't that a little long to wait on testing again?? She told me not to get my hopes up - so I am trying not to....


Ann1 - June 30

JamieLynne, my nurse told me that anything over 20 is considered positive. You may still have a real pregnancy or it could be chemical. Just try to keep positive. They probably just don't want to see you until the 5th due to the holidays. I hope that af stays away. That will be a great sign! Like Pinky said, the important part is that the numbers at least double in 48-72 hours--not the number. Hopefully, your implantation was just on the late side.


Ann1 - June 30

You can also check yourself with hpts. Just use the same brand of test and always test first thing in the morning. If the line gets darker, your hcg is increasing.


JamieLynne - July 1

Thanks ladies!! Ann1 - thanks for the words of encouragement... I am praying that when we go on Wednesday my levels have gone way up. I am also going to do the hpts to see if it does end up showing up in the next several days. Pinky - the website was extremely helpful. Based on the chart in that website my levels are within the typical range for being 14dpo. I was also thinking and let me know what you think about this. I had my iui done on the 16th of june (which was a Friday). I had the ovidrel on the wed. Could I have possibly ovulated on Sat... which would make all this a day later - which in turn would make my levels be lower?? I hope that makes sense. Let me know what you think!! Thanks ladies!



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