lacking in female hormone?
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meryl - April 20

Just had some of my blood reults back. They said that nothing had showed up except on one, i am lacking in a femal hormone. They are doing further tests now to find out more. Can anybody give me some advice on what this means. Also have not had a period for 3 months. Please answer as im so worried there's something major wrong


Brandi-Lynn - April 20

I know how you're feeling. I am going thru the same thing right now with my body. My doctor found that i have hardly any estrogen in my body. I also havnt had a normal period in 4 years.


Brandi-Lynn - April 20

Im also very scared and worried i wont beable to concieve and no matter what my doctor tells me i think i will always worry until that day comes where i find out im pregnant


meryl - April 23

What are you taking for it? Im due to find out the rest of my results tomorrow. Im so nervous! If you have low levels does it mean you are infertile?


Brandi-Lynn - April 23

Don't be nervous, i'm sure your doctor will beable to help you. My doctor gave me doses of estrogen and then a small dose of progesteron to help induce a period. i still havnt gotten one and that worried me but he assured me that i will still be able to get pregnant, just might need a little help to build up the hormones which he says is very easy. Good Luck!


meryl - May 3

just had more results now docs saying i might have polycystic ovary. im so scared, got to go see the gaenocologist now. Just thought id let u know. Hows things with you?


Brandi-Lynn - May 3

Things are still the same, still not producing enough estrogen or FSH hormone and still no sign of a period. Im actually going to see a natural path doctor tomorow afternoon to see if he can help get my hormone levels up and increase my fertility. im a little sceptical, dont really believe in herbs and all that but i thought it could be worth a shot. who knows, maybe it will help. he apparently has helped women concieve and has the babies to prove it. Best of luck to you. I wish we could both just get our babies and not have to worry or be scared anymore.


honey - May 9

go and get some vitex- agnus castus, i have pcos and endometriosis and ive just started taking it and already my skin is better i didnt get pms this month and it encourages the female hormone- we've been trying for 18 months, im hoping this will help.


meryl - May 9

Im going to see a phsycic healing doctor man monday too. A lady i know went to see him and she'd been trying for a baby for 6 years and was about to start ivf and 4 weeks after seing him she was pregnant. So im going to give him a go too. I just hope he can make me come on or something. I would be so chuffed if it worked though. He doesnt charge so there's no harm in trying.
Have been told a doctor appointment might take 2-3 months, and im dreading that. Apparently i might have to have a laproscapy or something and i've heard what that is and it sounds painful so i will try anything to avoid having that. It would be a dream come true if i didnt have to go to that! Do you know if you ovulate when you have not come on?


Brandi-Lynn - May 9

Hey girls, my appt with my natural path doctor went really good. he gave me a few different herbs to take to help get my hormone levels up and on track. he seemed pretty confident in helping me get preggers. I asked him about taking vitex and he said it would be a great idea and that he will probably have me take vitex at the end of 3 months once these other herbs kick in. meryl keep me updated on the healing doctor. Baby dust to all!!!


meryl - May 15

hiya just to update you, i went to see the man. It was very strange but good i think. He looked through my body with his eyes closed. It was a english man that closes his eyes and when there closed he says he is a doctor from china or somewhere like that. He then just looks down my body by feeling different parts of my stomach. He said i had two cysts on the right side. my fallopian tube was also bent which isnt attached to my ovary, he could also see some bad eggs in there. He then fixed my fallopian tube. It was so strange! Hegave me a list of the stuff im ment to take. He said that i cant have sex for 2 months, but when i get my 3rd cycle i can try for a baby. He said if i do conceive in the first 2 cycles i run the risk of having a child with dysability. He then moved on to say i would be able to conceive after this. He told me i had a blockage in my leg too which is strange because my feet are allways cold! My friend also spoke to him and she's just had a miscarriage, he told her that she had a ectopic and thats why she had more pain in her right side. It was amazing as when she went to the hospital they mentioned it could be an ectopic and then after her scan they said it was fine and that it was in the right place. The hospital hadnt even picked up on that. He's healed her fallopian tube, and told her she could start trying in a month. He also said there's a high chance she could have twins.
Its mad he seemed to know so much, im going to start today need to get some of the stuff from the health shop now.
He said that a lot of people cant conceive beacuse of problems with there fallopian tube and if its slightly bent they cant pick up on that in hospitals.
He also said that 11 girls that have been to see him have conceived! He doesnt advertise so its just word of mouth. He sai 3 of the girls that seen him had been told to have a hysterectomy and they'd all conceived after seing him. Amazing isnt it?


Brandi-Lynn - May 15

WOW meryl that does sound amazing! i wish nothing but the best for you. Good luck and i'll be sending lots of baby dust your way. Keep me updated.


meryl - May 23

hiya hows it going with everybody? I've still not had a period. Any luck with you brandi-lynn?


Brandi-Lynn - May 23

No period for me either. If i were to actually have a period it would be around the 16th, 17th of every month. I know this because i always get the symptoms... bloating, cramping, etc. during that time,..... just no period. and this month i didnt even have any symptoms which really stresses me out and worries me because my doctor said that would make things more complicated. I have only been taking these vitamins from the natural path for 4 weeks and he said they should take about 3 months to start working. fingers crossed!!!


Brandi-Lynn - May 29

I am starting to get so impatient with taking these vitamins already, lol. I know its only been a month of me taking them but i just want to know already if they are going to work or not. I have baby fever so bad that i dont want to waste any time trying something for 3 months and then find out its not working when i could of used this time trying other ways to conceive. I know i should always think positive, but it gets hard sometimes. How are things with you meryl???


Brandi-Lynn - May 29

honey, how is the vitex going? im going to ask my naturalpathic doctor if i can start taking it yet. i go see him june 1



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