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Shelly - September 30

I'm on CD20 now and i have no ewcm lots of creamy cm but none of the other. Am i just ovulating late? My normal cycle is a typical 28 days give or take one day either side. I've had no luck with opks because i work shifts ,anybody else lacking in fertile mucus or is it just me ?


me - September 30

I never get ewcm either. Do you normally get ewcm or is creamy normal for you? Ther reason I ask this is because not every woman gets an eggwhite type cervical mucas. Some women get watery when they ovulate and some just stay creamy. I get watery and creamy. If concerned, try some plain robitussion to thin out the mucus and give it a better consistency or try a sperm friendly lubricant like preseed. Good luck!


Shelly - October 1

I've never really wanted to know about cm until now so I don't really know what I normally produce! I just assumed you had to have ewcm so it's nice to know u'm not on my own ! Thanks for the info.


To: Shelley - October 1

Hi Shelly, everybody is different in their cm. If you have regular periods then you prob do ovulate around day 14. Have you been to a doc at all?


Shelly - October 1

This is my 4th month of trying(not long) so i'll probably go and check with the doctor to see if i'm ovulating if i get af this month.I'm only concerned as I'm in my 30's i've come off the pill after7 years already have 1 child but I understand that my body could have changed.



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