Lack of Af after bcp
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jal239 - August 19

I wanted to find out if anyone out there has missed af soince coming off bcp. I came off bcp in May and had af from Mat 25-29. Since then I have only had 1 af and that was with the help of Provera. This leads me to believe that w/o medication I would have never gotten that af. I fear that I am not ovulating. I know that they say that your period gerneally is not regulated when coming off bcp, but to not have an af at all is that common? I will be talking to my dr. on Wed. She wanted me to touch base with her if I don't get af by then. Well, it does not look lke she is coming.


MollieJo - August 21

I had a similar problem. What were your periods like before you got on the pill? Mine were infrequent and irregular. Then I was on the pill for 6yrs but when I stopped no period. My doctor told me if I do not have a period then I am not ovulating and he prescribed clomid.



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