KY Jelly
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JMRioux - March 28

Has anyone gotten pregnant using KY? I just read somewhere that it basically kills sperm. That would mean I've been trying for nothing.


Apalonia - March 28

Yes, this is very true. I don't know if it kills it but it very much slows down the motile sperm. They say to truly fdetermine if there is a fertility problem you have to have intercourse around the time of ovulation for 10 months not using any kind of gels or lubricants. I hope this helps.


KayteeLeanne - March 28

i thought the same.. and i asked my dr.. she said that it dosent kill sperm.. unless it has spermiced in it.. ive been using ky too lol.. and still am.. i havent gotten pregnant yet!.. but just leting u know what my dr told me.. good luck!!



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