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sara - September 16

did any one use Ky jelly i got it today from my doctor and i dont know is it good or not ? well she said is good to sperm !!


To:Sara - September 16

I don't know about that Sara. I read the KY jelly kills sperm.


sara - September 16

where did you read it if is bad why doctor told me to use it ? i want cry now !!!dont want kill sperm


KellyN - September 16

I've heard opposite things about ky. Most people say that it is bad for sperm, though. Is your doc a fertility doc?? Preseed is supposed to be very good, though, so you could order some of that.


Lena - September 16

Sorry, but your doctor misinformed you. KY contains a spermicidal, which means it kills sperm. Says it right there on the tube. They added spermicidal to it in 1989 so it not a new add.


Becca - September 16

I have the KY warming liquid right here in front of me and the bottle says "WARNING: ...This product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide." So does that mean it is ok to use, or will it still kill sperm?


KellyN - September 16

Are there two different kinds of KY? I'm curious because my doc always uses KY to lube the u/s. Since my u/s is done just a couple of days before o, is this a concern?


sara - September 16

kelly N and becca i just went to my doctor again and asked her she said Ky is based on water so wont harm sperm i saw on internet that we have few diffrent kind of ky but if is based on water is ok just to make sure call yor doctor


Lena - September 16

Interesting. I stopped practising in Dec 2005 and until that time it contained spermicide and was a big no-no to use. Perhaps they've removed the spermicide this year. I have a few cases at home, I'll have to look at them tonight. I've only used the regular tube stuff, not the newer warming ones. To Kelly N, even if it did still contain a spermicide, its safe within a few hours.


Lena - September 17

OK, I looked at the KY that I have. I purchased it last year and its still within its fresh dates. It contains Nonoxonyl-9, which is a spermicide. When I looked on, they don't list Nonoxonyl-9 as an ingredient. A search on the internet shows that some KY contains this spermicide and some don't. Please look at your KY to see if it contains Nonoxonyl-9 before using.


M - September 18

Try Preseed it is a sperm friendly moisturiser


sara - September 19

im gone use egg whites


Dawn (DS) - September 19

I have been told that baby oil is very good to use instead of KY.


TC - September 19

Don't use KY. They don't tell you but it is harmful to sperm. Check out the pre seed web site. It will tell you more. Even saliva can kill or greatly slow sperm down.


rhonda - September 20

Hi, I am new and I was advised by doctor not to use KY. I was told to use Aloe Gel, did not like the way it felt and now I am using Pre-seed my husband loves the way it feels and it does not affect the sperm. Definitely read up on it but they have had alot of sucess stories with Pre-Seed.


HoneyC43 - October 23

Hello, I've always read on these forums but decided to give my input today lol. The first time I ever conceived me & my bf were using KY warming liquid & it is not a spermicide...and we weren't planning to conceive. I've never been pregnant before and Got pregnant the first month using it and I know the night we conceived. It still may be safer to use a lube that is specifically for couples trying to conceive...but I feel like a lot of these forums promote it as though it's a miracle product. The KY worked perfectly for us and is less expensive...with that being said GL to everyone trying to conceive! Relax and try not to worry to much about, I know it's easier said than done but it always happens when you least expect it!



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