Know anything on seminal vesicles/prostate infection?
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NML - February 3

Thanks Hopeful06, I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend and baby dust to you. Like the Dr said - just have fun! We are still TTC while DH is his antibiotics, Dr said it was okay. I should O Mon or Tues, we shall see. Take care!


NML - February 6

Hi Hopeful06, my DH went to the Urologist today and things are better than we thought. He said my hubby most likely doesn't have prostitatis. He has to go back next week for a analysis of his urine and go from there. Dr said it may be nerves from anxiety. He is going to stay on his antibiotics for a couple more weeks though. So I guess this is promising. He said he wouldn't do a semen analysis until after a year of trying to conceive with no luck. Wow, that's a long time!!! Considering I'm already hitting my 30's!! ANyway thanks for listening. Baby dust to you. I already O'ed this month, according to my test strips and so I will test the week of the 20th, hoping for BFP!!!!!!


hopeful06 - February 7

NML....I'm really glad that things seem good for you and your dh!!! The week of the 20th sounds good--it'll be my time too!! I joined the "Waiting for af Feb 24th" group--you should jump over too!! I'm really surprised your urologist wouldn't do a semen analysis! Has your dh had one done recently?? It's odd for someone to reject the test--it's pretty routine and easy! Would your regular physician order a test for you? Ours did's a possibility. It would be great to know what's going on sooner rather than wait a whole year! It would also prevent more invasive procedures for you and ease your mind. Does your dh feel ok now? You mentioned before he was uncomfortable--physically or emotionally? I'm really glad that you kept me posted--I was beginning to wonder! Hopefully I'll see you on the other post!! ****Baby dust****


hopeful06 - February 7

NML....I just found something interesting. I'm not sure if it works well or not, but there is an at-home test to see if your dh's sperm count is above 20 million/mL. The test is called the FertilMARQ Home Diagnostic Screening Test and can be found at http://www.early-pregnancy-
(The only dashes "-" that should be in the address are between early & pregnancy and pregnancy & tests. The forum tends to add extra ones!!) See what you think....I'm curious to see if it would work!


hopeful06 - February 7

only one dash between pregnancy & tests....


NML - February 10

Hey Hopeful06, thanks for that website, maybe we will check it out. Yeah not sure why the Urologist said no to a semen analysis. Maybe if DH insisted he get one than the Dr would do it. DH has been uncomfortable with "urges" that he gets as if he has to urinate right that moment. They come and go... confusing, I know. I will jump on the Feb 24 thread as well. Also there is another great forum at - under the preconception thread. That forum is much easier to follow than this one - in my opinion. How's yoour DH doing? I am anxious to test - maybe around the 16th or so, I guess AF is due around the 20th. Had to re-count my days, this is all hard work! Keep in touch and babydust to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hopeful06 - February 11

NML.....Thanks for the invite!! I'll check it out!! I wrote you a message under the Feb 24th thread too.... I feel we're really getting to know eachother--It's nice to have a friend out there!! My dh had those "urges" too--they would come and go as well. We only have 1 bathroom at our house and he would barge in on me at any given moment because he had to urinate right then!! He's nearing the end of his treatment (I think he only has 1 or 2 pills left) and the urges have gone away. He never really felt pain though--just the urination thing. Honestly, we didn't even think it was anything to worry about until we saw the wbc count in the sa. I just thought he was holding it too long!! :) After he finishes his treatment we'll have another sa done.....Hopefully this one will be better!! I wish you the best this month!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you--especially around the 16th!! Good luck!



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