Know anything on seminal vesicles/prostate infection?
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hopeful06 - January 28

My dh was tested yesterday and we got a copy of the results today. Although the doctor said he was normal, I have a copy of the lab report and it clearly states that his volume was low (1.2mL), his viscosity was high, and his white blood cell count was high as well. (His actual sperm count was normal) Needless to say, we are looking into another doctor....

I did some research and found out that these results could be due to a seminal vesicle/prostate infection. Does anyone know anything about this? If so, is it treated with antibiotics and can his condition improve? I really appreciate your help--I'm new to the forum and I already feel the love!! Thanks!!


eb - January 28

my dh had super high white blood cell count and we know he has had protate problems in the past that were treated with antibiotics, but it has come back. Our appt with urologist isn''t until 2/17. I'd definitely make him an appt with urologist to get prostate checked.


hopeful06 - January 28

eb....Thanks for the info. I'm calling the urologist on Monday!! After your dh was treated with antibiotics did his counts come back normal until this reoccurance? Have you been able to conceive before?? I'm looking for good news....


eb - January 28

Well, we aren't really sure about his count before they said it was normal , but weve been ttc 1rst for 17 months, and he had prostate trouble 2 years ago. They called it acute prostasis (spelling) . I've had a lap done, been on femera for 4 cycles and clomid 1 cycle, but the re haulted all meds for me until we get dh straight.


hopeful06 - January 28

Good luck eb.... Keep us filled in on your progress--I'm very interested to see what happens!! Thanks for the support.


Ashley Teba - January 28

What causes the infection?


hopeful06 - January 29

Ashley.... I really don't know if my dh has an infection, but all of the test results point to one. I wish I knew the answer to your question! When we go to the urologist I'll fill you in.... Does anyone else know anything about this?


Nadia24 - January 29

Hi Hopeful06....this is some info I found..."Prostatitis, an infection of the prostate, can also affect the production of healthy sperm although this tends to only be temporary. With proper antibiotic treatment for the infection, prostatitis will clear up, allowing sperm production to return to normal." I found this on the following website:
There is more info on there too. I hope this helps. =)


hopeful06 - January 29

Nadia.... Thank you so much!! I really hope that this is something that can be cleared up easily. I appreciate your help!!


NML - January 29

Hi. This is crazy that I found this question. My DH was diagnosed with prostatitis in Dec 2005, he was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and then felt fine for a while. He started feeling the symptoms again though... Dr said take 2 more weeks of antibiotics and if they doesn't do it to call a urologist. However i work w/ urologists and they said sometimes a man may have to be on antibiotics for 3 months!! Crazy. We have been TTC for a couple months now - nothing yet. However the Dr. told us that this infection shouldn't interfere with fertility at all and taking the antibiotics and TTC is also okay. SO that's positive. How you get this infection, who knows. Lots of different things but there's really no way to tell. It just sucks, my DH is uncomfortable due to this all the time. I feel bad. For anyone's DH that had this in the past - did it eventually clear up? Bottom line is - it's hard for antibiotics to reach the prostrate and really do it's job. I would love to hear more insight from anyone that has been in this situation. Thanks and baby dust to all.


eb - January 30

NML, my dh has been struggling with this off and on for 2 years, we are seeing a new urologist next month, but it does interfer with ttc b/c it can kill their sperm and cause low counts and motility. I would reccomend him seeing a urologist now b/c they may be able to give stronger antibiotic and help with ttc issues. My re wants a full report and another semen analisis when we go back to see him in march so he can decide what to do for us next. I hope this helps you some. good luck.


hopeful06 - January 31

Thanks for all your help ladies!! After a struggle with our primary physician (PPO) our doctor finally agreed to write a referral to the urologist. He goes Wednesday morning, so when I find out more info I'll be sure to share it!


NML - February 1

Be sure to share info from the Urologist. My husband is going on Monday Feb 6 to his first Urologist appt. And I am going to my gyno appt on Tues. Hopefully we can get some answers. From the hundreds of info I have read, women still successfully get pregnant. Maybe it just depends on how bad the infection is... We are still TTC, there may be just ONE strong sperm that can make his way. However we will ask the Urologist to set up an appt to do a sperm analysis - just to know for sure. Please everyone keep me posted. Good lucj to all DH's at this time.


hopeful06 - February 1

NML, eb, & everyone else interested......We just got home from the urologist and I'm happy to tell you that he wasn't very concerned. My dh's count was normal though, as was morphology and motility. He did have a high white blood cell count and the urologist confirmed that this was due to an infection. He prescribed an antibiotic (doxycycline) twice a day for 10 days and wants to do another analysis after he is finished with this. He said that as far as he is concerned, there is no reason he shouldn't be able to father a child. He actually suggested we stop "trying" so much and let it happen. He said that the more you think about it, the more stressed you are and your body responds to that stress. I can see it, but I don't think we're going to stop trying any time soon!!! I hope that the rest of you get good news too!! I'm very relieved that everything seems to be on the right track. Thanks for your input and concern!! Please let me know if you would like any more information and keep me updated on your dh's conditions!! Baby dust.....


NML - February 2

Hopeful06 - I'm so happy to hear that the Dr. wasn't too concerned! That certianly makes me feel much better. I really believe this is a common issue with men - unfortuantely. And that's great that his sperm count was normal and moving correctly. I hope we get the same positive news. We probably won't get a sperm analysis the 1st visit but hope to get more answers just as you did. We go on Monday, I will keep you all posted. I'm sure TTC will be more relaxing now without the stress of not knowing about DH's sperm count. GOod luck & baby dust!!!


hopeful06 - February 2

NML.....I wish you the best Monday with your dh & Tuesday with your doctor!! I really believe that everything will work out for you too!! Let me know!!


NML - February 3

Thanks Hopeful06, I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend and baby dust to you. Like the Dr said - just have fun! We are still TTC while DH is his antibiotics, Dr said it was okay. I should O Mon or Tues, we shall see. Take care!



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