kindly define irregular menstration......
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desiree - April 21

Im 26 years old trying to conceive for 13 months...i would like to know if my menstrual cycle is irregular because my cycle each month varies from my ovulation day each month also is different. And i always have painful menstrual cramps. Can this be consider as irregular cycle and do you think i have hormonal imbalance with this kind of cycle.


Shay - April 22

I too am in the same boat as you. My cycles vary from 27-33 days, and on a rare occasion (Maybe 2 or 3 times - and I'm now 30) they have gone up to 45 days or so. But, as I said, that's very rare and usually it seems as if that happens when my cycle schedule is changing say from the end of the month to the middle. But, I also wonder is this considered irregular and if so, is it something to worry about? It never was when I was TTC with #1, took 6 months of trying and BAM! But, not this time. Having A LOT more trouble! :( Anyway, you're not alone!


milissa - April 22

I have 40 cd's and I'm lucky if it happens in 32 cd's..thing is you ovulated about the same time evry months it's the lutuel phrase that is the problem.


milissa - April 22

sorry..meaning the phase after ovulation in waiting for your pms. it usually last between 12 to 16 days but that is on a normal cycle..whats norm anyways???


francsisca - May 9

iam 26 yrs old my cycle is always delayed by 2months after which it becomes normal for 2or 3 cycles after which it becomes unstable again. i am worried.


Melissa - May 9

Hi Desiree. An irregular cycle is one that can not really be timed. Say for example one month its 32 days the next its 45 day, then on the third its 26 days (and so on). If your cycle if regular from 27-30 but comes within that time every month you probably are regular. However, Francsisca's seems to be irreguar because she sometimes misses a month. The way to check your hormones is to have your doctor give you a blood test. But, your cycle is not was causes an inbalace in hormones.


desiree - May 9

Hi melissa, thanks for the info..........what other factor would affect hormonal imbalance, if you consider my cycle a normal one. Just wondering if you have some info to share.


Melissa - May 9

I'm not sure what factors can effect your hormones. I think some of it might be genetic? Not positive. I think some are related to insulin???? I've never actually done any research on what factors could effect it.



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