Kinda off topic, ovulating?
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HeatherR - April 23

Okay, I'm not really trying for a baby, actually quite the opposite, I'm on the Mirena IUD. I have been getting all these cramps on and off for awhile not (3 weeks or more). Painful intercourse, ect. So I took a few preg. test, all neg (yay! kinda, then I started to want a baby). Well, I also had a few of those ovulation tests (I sent hubby to buy preg test the first time- yeah he got the wrong things!) But anyways I took them since I read online that you can kinda tell by those too. Now, I wasn't ovulating on any of them, it was like a kit of 7 or something, and I had an the test line almost as dark as the referance line everytime. I read the IUD shouldn't effect my ovulation or the test results. Now, I'm concerned that it is effe ting my body's ovulation. Could I just be always producing strong LH but still ovulating or could somehing be messed up? I did go to the docs who just said I was fine. She said all she can see is strings from my IUD and thats all she's suppose to see. Oh but in my checks the strings got longer. Should I get a second opinion? But right now I'm more concerned about my LH levels showing so high on the OV tests but not to the point of ovulation (but darn near) for over a week! I do want to have more kids in a year or two depending on our situation financially at the time. Anyone have strong LH on their ov tests? Sorry I keep jumping between subjects, my minds been scattered lately! Thanks!


Tracy88 - April 23

Heather, no offense, but I really think you seek a second opinion and maybe even have the IUD taken out. I feel like those kinds of things cannot be healthy for your body. They scare me quite frankly. Pharmaceutical companies will make you believe they are ok to have inside of you, but since bleeding on the patch for a month straight and being told I was fine, I don't believe a word anyone tells me, including doctors. My advice, just seek a second opinion, or even a third.


Tracy88 - April 23

Oops, that is supposed to say "you should" seek a second opinion. Mind you, it is just my opinion. Best of luck.



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