Kind Of A Dumb Question.....
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twiggy - June 3

I was wondering how you all broke the news to your job that you were going to do IVF? Any of you have to miss a lot of work? I live about 2 hours from my treatment center and on most days it wouldn't be worth going in to work for only an hour or two. My boss is having a fit over the amount of work I will miss....Can I get fired for that?


wannabeamom - June 3

twiggy, are you able to make up the time on another day? Do you have sick time you can use or personal days. I spoke to manager and she is willing to work with me. My RE will be 45 minutes away from or work. GL.


twiggy - June 4

I don't have any sick or personal time to use. I am only part time so I do not get any paid time off or anything. I have spoken with my manager before and told her I would be willing to stay late and come in early on the other days to make up for time, but she just said, oh but we need you here during your scheduled times. That is when we are busiest. My co-worker has told me to just call in sick and get a dr.'s note for the two weeks or so I may need to be gone a lot.


Lynn - June 4

If your only part-time can you get another job that is more understanding? Check with human relations office if there is one. You would almost think that was a form of prejudice...who knows..worth looking into.


Jaqi - June 4

Twiggy - She can't fire you for IVf due to discrimination laws BUT she can fire you if you violate a policy/procedure. If she is not willing to work with you, look for another job. Sometimes, the RE can work with you and schedule around your job as long as it is not time sensitive. Check the company policy book and see what it says about missing days. I had to tell my Lt. and he just stared at I am the only female officer among 20+ male officers. They don't understand these things, unless they've been through it. He tries to be tuff but is a softy when it comes to family. He agreed to work with me, where I come in early or stay late so I don't burn all of my time. If this is what you want, get another job when you can. Don't sacrifice your happiness! Good Luck!


twiggy - June 4

Thank you all for your responses. I have thought about looking for another job but I didn't think anyone would hire me because I would have to miss so much work. And I am uncertain if I will return to work once we had a child. Dh says if she gives me too much trouble I should just quit, but I dont want him to have to bring home all the money since I am perfectly capable of performing my job duties.


Jaqi - June 4

Twiggy, your welcome. Maybe you can find a job where you can work from home or do something like babysitting, etc...If your planning on not working, then work until you start IVF or having to miss a lot of work, then quit. Apply for other job and be straight with them. Some say to not tell them, but I'd rather tell them then they find out later and fire me, ya know?



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