Just wondering if anybody else lets their brain play tricks?
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Melissa - June 2

Ok, I am really trying not to stress (don't fell like I am actually). But, come o time EVERY month I think oh, I feel craming. But, do I really? Then about a week to a week and a half later I start thinking my breasts are sore. Then I try to verify (by poking or just touching) and of coarse they're not really. Does anybody else do this to themselves?


christina - June 2

i do that too,lol, i think that my breats are sore and have symptoms then get myself confused and second guess when i ovualted thinking we missed it, and recalulate in my head dates, i am trying not to stress but i am! and right now my breasts hurt so bad i cant touch them and that is usually a few days before the dreaded a/f! then i poke around and think maybe they arent sore, and go through these crazy emotions.


Melissa - June 2

I'm so glad it's not only me. I'm always wondering do I feel this or not. Then most pg symptoms can be explained away by something else. So, evertime I feel cramping (not during af) I think - I have to have a bm. I feel so stupid sometimes.


christina - June 2

i am glad someone else feels this way, cause i thought i was loosing it with symptoms and babies on my brain all the time,lol....


maddie - June 2

Don't feel alone....I think my brain is trying to play nasty tricks on me every month with my symptoms.....My hubby thinks I have lost it at times


Sherry - June 2

I'm so glad there are others out there like me. I'm the same way as well. Every month I pysche myself to thinking I'm feeling the symptoms (sore breasts, etc), then every month I get disappointed. I feel stupid at times as well.


Melissa - June 2

Men do not understand! No matter how supportive. If I ask my hubby what he thinks our success rate was for the month he always tell me - you stress over it, don't stress and it will happen. I tell him just because I ask questions doesn't mean I stress. Good thing there are other women to discuss these issues with. :-)


Sherry - June 2

Melissa, my husband says the same thing. Don't stress over it. It can be real annoying. Glad to see I'm not the only one


Melissa - June 2

How funny! Men!


Patricia - June 2

Of course we all do. I was trying to get pregnant for a year and I thought I had all kinds of symptoms every month. It turned out that when I really got pregnant I had no noticeable symptons and had no idea I was for a while. This vary from women to women, but in my case the only thing I had was I was tired and my breast were sore. But my breasts were ALWAYS sore right before my cycle anyway.


Chrissy - June 2

Yes I go thru the same time each month I have been trying. It gets annoying after awhile because you think your really pregnant this time and your not. Sometimes I get really stressed out about this.


Melissa - June 2

Hi Patricia. When I was pg with my son I also didn't know I was until I got really sick one morning. Then I went in and the guy asked "well, are your boobs sore". I told him yes and that they always are that tender before af. I think he though I was stupid or something. But that we're actively trying for #2 I keep looking for all these signs.


Melissa - June 2

Chrissy I think I've been able to work past the severe depression of the bfn, but I still try to look for all the signs every month.


Drew - June 2

I cant even remember what signs to look for anymore... suddenly everything is a sign..... :0


Kimberly-K - June 3

haha! last month was my frist month off the pill and ttc.. I had all the "signs" and was sure I was pg, but of course it was just crazy hormones and a BFN. This month I have no signs and so I'm thinking that means I'm pg anyway! Man, this is crazy stuff ttc. I totally respect all of you who have been ttc for a while... it takes a strong person.


Melissa - June 3

Isn't it amazing to hear all kinds of other women say "I'm fertile mertile"? I mean we got pg right away with my son, but now ttc #2 for 6 months. You would think your body already knew what to do right? (I just rolled my eyes). :-)



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