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Juliebell - April 28

Hey girls, I am just wondering how long it took you to go to the dr with your fertility issues? Dh and I have been really trying for 9 months following mc, but before that hadn't been using protection for about five months. I am starting to worry that maybe we may need help to start our family. I have been usink opk's and charting since sept. Do y'all think I should make an appointment with my ob? Thank you!


mommy2josh - April 28

Juliebell. First off I am sorry about your MC. Hard thing to experience, I know, I have been there. In fact alot of girls on this site have been through it. When you seek help should really depend on your age. They say women under 30 should seek help after a year of trying, women over 35 after 6 months. The fact that you got pregnant, even though you had a mc, is a good sign. How old are you? Good luck to you. I myself have been ttc#2 for over 3 years. I have a 5 year old son. I am 30 and my hubby is 44.


erika62897 - April 29

I am only 27...and my husband is only 29. But, after 2 years of trying, we decided to talk to our family physician. She told us to take another 6 months using the OPKs and charting. If that didn't work, she said she would refer us to a specialist. I am so glad that I did that because I found out that I had a lot more issues going on that, if I had gotten pregnant on my own, would have more than likely ended in MC. I know you don't want to feel like you are jumping the gun...but if you are really and truly ready, not just for the pregnancy but for the time and money that goes into a specialist, go for it. I have to say...it is expensive...very expensive. But it will all be worth it in the end.


Juliebell - April 29

Thank you both for your response. I know that we are really ready for the responsibilty of starting a family and if it be expensive than that is a small price to pay for such and amazing thing. DH and I are really young still, which makes me feel a little embarrased that we may need help. I am only 23 and dh 25. I have heard that since we did get pregnant before there is still hope, but it is so hard. Your responses really do help. good luck to you in ttc!! Take care!


slowpoke01 - April 30

juliebell- i wouldnt wait but maybe a few more months before i went to the doc. since you are young it may just take a little tweaking to get you pregnant. i mean maybe your hormone levels are off, or something simple like that. dont be embarrassed. i am 29 and me and dh tried for 10 years before we decided to go for help and i wish that we had went a lot sooner. good luck to you and take care.


Hannah B - April 30

Julie, I think everyone is different. I know for myself, when I officially started Clomid with my OB she stated that she had no problem with me going directly to a RE. So after 3 months of Clomid, I moved to an RE. I don't have consistent cycles so my doctor was okay with me moving on. Your still young and if you haven't been using OPKs consistently, I would use that and then after a few months talk to your doctor again.


Juliebell - May 1

Hey girls, I thank you very much for your kind responses!! It helps to know that I am not alone in struggling with ttc. I think I will make an appt just to be sure that everything is okay, and keep on going from there. I wish you all the best of luck!! Thanks again!


Tink - May 1

i was on BCP for 10 years. these last 6 years, i have been off of them (DH and i have been together 14 years, married 6 of those). the pill made me sick, so i finally got off of them, since DH and i were monogamous. so for the last 6 years, we used no protection- no condoms, no pull out, nothing- no accidents. we weren't trying to have a baby, but we were okay if we did. so after all that time with no accident, i figured we had a problem. when we were ready to actively try, i saw my OB/GYN first and expressed my concern and history. i also have irregular periods and painful PMS. she did all the basic testing, had me track my temps for months and journal everything, and put me on clomid for 4 months with monitoring. after that didn't work, i told her i was seeing a specialist my friend suggested. so she 'referred' me officially. so i started seeing the RE after only being under the care of the gyn for like 6 months. but at 33 and obviously experiencing some sort of problem (we had unexplained infertility), i knew it was time to move on. I immediately jumped in and did 4 IUIs with the RE, including a month break for a cyst and a month break for a lap. Then we moved on to IVF. I was with the RE for 9 months and on meds (including OB) for a full year before we got our BFP. it took in vitro to get it. how old are you and DH? that would also be a factor into how soon you seek an RE's help. Most won't see you until you have been trying over a year. if you are over 35, they will see you after 6 months sometimes. If you have repeat m/c or problems, they will sometimes see you under a year as well. I would start with seeing your OB, many are well trained to get you started on testing. Have you had an HSG? that is where they run dye through your tubes to check for blockage- my OB ordered that test. she also ordered a semen analysis for DH and ran bloodwork on me- progesterone, estriadol etc. Most OB's can get you started with that basic stuff, so set an appt and express your concerns. good luck



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