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yumymumy - November 28

is it normal in any way for it to take 31 months to fall pregnant? i have a son but it took that long. some people takes longer or would there be a problem? just wondering coz im planing for my 2nd child.


carrot top - November 28

Hi yumymumy, I think considering it took 31 months of ttc it would be wise to consider seeing the doctor. It could be that your hubbys sperm is low and therefore it just takes longer. You may get pregnant the first month with your second... its hard to tell. May I ask how old you are? If you are over 35 I would head to the doctor before you even start trying, just to get a check-up. Hope this helps!


yumymumy - November 28

ok thanx for your reply, im 21 so i dont think age would be the problem? so if it is my husbands sperm thats the problem. how do they tell?


slowpoke01 - November 28

yumymumy- you may want to start temping your bbt ever morning to help you pinpoint ovulation. you could also buy those ovulation predictor kits that will help you know when you are ovulating and when to have intercourse. also you should have your progesterone checked to make sure that you are ovulating. this is a simple blood test. if you dont know when you are ovulating then it could take longer to conceive. your hubby could have a semen analysis to see whether his swimmers have a problem or not. just start checking your cervical mucus and using a basal body thermometer to check your temps or using ovulation predictor tests to see when you are ovulating. if you are not then they can give you clomid or femara to help you ovulate. it is common for some women not to ovulate every month. good luck



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