Just wanting to pass along a little Christmas hope...
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sqeekers - December 9

Hi ladies I haven't been on this board in a while, but I know your pain and wanted to pass along some hope for the holidays. My dh and I were ttc for 3 years, I have PCOS and was told it would be very difficult if not impossible. I had been through several rounds of clomid a couple of years ago with no luck, we had all but given up. This past spring I went to a new doc, and went on metfomin for a couple of months, along with an hsg test. We found in the middle of June that it had worked this time. I am due 2/17 with a little girl. The funny thing about this is that while I was taking the metformin, we weren't ttc that month because of the tests my doc had scheduled for me. I had been tracking my temps, cervix position and discharge and figured that I was due to O on May 26th so we made sure we didn't bd during my fertile time. We bd'd on May 20th, I ovulated on May 26th just like predicted, I never started my period the next month. It was a crazy month and I forgot to keep a close watch on dates. I realized on June 20th I hadn't started my period like I was supposed to have almost a week before. I didn't really think I could be pg because of our timing, so I put off buying a test for a few days waiting to see if I would start. I finally got a test and sure enough I got my bfp. Just wanted to pass this along so that you know anything is possible, and don't give up. I know I always got very down at Christmas because we were having such a difficult time. Keep your chins up, and I will keep all of you in my prayers.


MsMonet - December 10

Sqeekers- Congrats! I am truly happy for you! What a wonderful twinkle of a story. I pray to be pregnant before the year is out... May God bless you and keep you! Feb 17th, is right around the corner. Do you have a name? 3yrs of trying? 3, the number of completion... How wonderful!


sqeekers - December 10

Thank you MsMonet. Her name is Aegwyn Grace. I read your story on the prayer thread, and I hope you have your prayers answered this year. I was in tears after reading your post, and it really does help put things in perspective to see how others have suffered and come through it stronger. I will be praying for your Christmas Miracle this year.


star_4_baby - December 10

Congratulation...i hope you dont mind if i join this thread i am ttc and it would be a great help if i will be able to share my joy or sorrow every now and than....i can see all of you support each othar alot...i have also read miracle and wondered if it could ever happen to me......with new year i have new hope and prayer for you all


lovemy3 - December 10

Thats awesome...with God anything is possible!


star_4_baby - December 12

i try not to think about it every month because it could drive me crazy but if i become pregnant any month i will be very very happy.....



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