Just want to vent.......
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Allie - November 14

My dh and I have been ttc for 10mos. We thought FOR SURE we had it this time. We bought the CBE monitor and we were ready. I was actually late 2 days (which I am never late). Unfortunately, AF came this morning. We are so disappointed. I just don't know what to do anymore. Maybe I wasn't "meant" to be a mom.... I try to take care of my body, I don't drink/smoke or abuse drugs/medication. I've been taking my pre-natals....NOTHING is working!!!!! My next step is to see my doctor. Anyone feeling the same way???


Sara - November 14

I know exactly how you feel.I have been ttcing for about a year and a half off and on and every month for the past 5 months.Well last month I got a pos.I was so excited and I went out to shop for baby furniture and verything and then I found out that my baby died at 4w and I carried it to 6w when I m/c'd.I know that happened because something was wrong with the baby so now I am ttcing again and testing next monday. All I have to say is I'm sure you are meant to be a mom and the time will definetly come when your body is ready.You just have to catch that egg at the perfect time.Could be possibly be your dh's sperm count?Just an idea.We are all in this together and I'm here any time you need to vent.Hopefully you'll get the best Christmas present in the world..a BFP!!!Good luck and baby dust!


Mega - November 14

Oh Sara, I'm so sorry about your m/c. What a rough time that must've been. Hang in there, Allie. That's always the worst, when you think you finally did it & then AF shows her ugly self. I agree with Sara, I'm sure you're meant to be a mommy. I'm sure we're all meant to be mommies it's just a little harder for us than others. But just think, maybe when we finally are mothers & raising our darling babies we won't sweat the small stuff as much b/c of all the extra hassle we went thru to get them born at all. Or not! But that's what I tell myself when I'm down. Take care! I think seeing your dr is a good first step. They can get you on a treatment path & that much closer to that BFP. Also, as Sara said, it's also helpful to make sure your DH's sperm are okay. It's a quick, fairly inexpensive test. I've been TTC #1 for like 15 mos. now & we have been seeing a RE since July. It's the best thing I could've done.


Nic - November 14

I know how you felt i was in your shoes last week. I have seen my doc and am on clomid. So if you have not gone to see a doc yet i would.


Allie - November 14

Thanks girls! I appreciate your words. My dh has planned to take "his test" in a few days. It is frustrating that it has become a "science". Sara, I'm really sorry about your m/c. I wish you luck with your test next Monday!! Mega, I know I will appreciate every "hard time" when my baby finally comes. Good luck to all of you and thanks for letting me vent!! Thank you too Nic. I am definitely going to see my doc in the next month or two (which is when I am due to go).



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