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Spoodat - January 10

Hi everyone! I've been TTC for four short years and am finally reaching out for some support from my peers. I am 37 and my DH is 44. My husband has 3 children from his first marriage, 20 & 16 yo twins. I have a son from my first marriage who is 11. But for some reason, we have not had any luck together. I have gone through every test, and so has my husband, and we are unexplained. We have been unable to pursue any really high tech options before now. We have had 6 IUI's with Clomid with no luck. I produced great follicles, but no pregnancy. We just found out yesterday that our new insurance covers EVERYTHING so I am *quite* excited. This month we are using Clomid and IUI yet again, since we weren't able to get the medications (and injection class) in time. Our RE is going to do 3 months of IUI/COS, and if that doesn't work its on to IVF.

Sorry this is so long, but four years of pent up agression is all being let out. I want to talk about all the things I have HATED about being "fertility challenged". First, the insensitive (well meaning) comments from people - "it will happen when you least expect it", or "just relax" or my personal favorite "why not adopt? Everyone gets pregnant once they adopt". Of course my own mother is the worst! She is always telling me my career should be the most important thing to me (lawyer). Um, whatever. The other thing that has been SO HARD has been watching all my friends and relatives get pregnant over and over and over. I try so hard not to be bitter, but its hard sometimes. I can't understand why everyone else seems to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but not us. And believe me, its not for lack of trying.

Well, that's it. If anyone would like to write back, that would be great. If not, it was fun just venting. Good luck to everyone TTC - it WILL happen!


Mega - January 10

Spoodat--Welcome to this board! Glad you found a place to vent. Helps doesn't it? I so relate to the well meaning but "annoying" advice more um fertile types give--yeah, "just relax" is my all time favorite, & by fave. I mean I grind my teeth when I hear it. Yeah tried that, a bit beyond that now. Anyway, very exciting that your new ins policy covers it all, including IVF. Lucky break for you & DH, though I hope the IUI does the trick for you. Though while you're pondering IVF, feel free to join the Jan/Feb IVFers thread. I'm on that one. I'm about to launch my 2nd fresh IVF in Feb (did 1st one in Aug, BFN, a FET (frozen embie tx in Oct, BFP but m/c). I'm TTC #1. It's a tough process, but "eyes on the prize," that's all we can do. So hang in there & hopefully this will be your baby year.


angelkitty - January 10

Spoodat- I truly understand how you are feeling about all of the comments...that is the worst part I think. My most fav is "Don't give up - look at Sarah in the Bible - she was really old when she had her child." Ummmmm...ok. I am 33 yrs old and having ttc for almost 18 mos now. I am excited for you about the insurance. Take advantage of it. I second Mega's welcome to the board. The ladies here are awesome and you will never have to feel alone - everyone is so kind and supportive. Keep us posted.


lovemy3 - January 10

Hi there and welcome. It is so supportive here, we all have different situations and different fertility issues but are all together as one in desiring a little miracle. Welcome.



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