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MuzikGurl - March 3

Ok, I posted on here all my info under " Am I the only one going through this???" (or something like that) and I also have two questions to had, my dr. wants me to come in on march 9th to do a beta...and I was wondering what exactly is a beta??? I also, wanted to know what day after ovulation occurs is a good day to take a hpt if you're using clearblue easy digital??? Thanks in advance!


Galina - March 3

Hi, a beta is a term for the blood pregnancy test they take at the dr's ofc. I believe the best time to test by HPT is 14 days after you O. Good luck!


T - March 3

I agree with Galna but I'd say if you are having your beta run you dont need to waste money on an hpt because that is what the beta is. It will tell you if you are pregnant or not and what your quantitative number is. Wait til they say you are pregnant then go buy one if you have to see it for yourself or want a keep sake. My doc runs the beta 12 dpo which is earlier than they say to get an hpt which is 14 dpo.Hope it works for you



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