Just told I have Endo. What is lupron? Terrible scared!
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roxyttandme - February 18

I was just told yest that I have Endo. What is lupron? I will have surgery in the upcoming week to figure out how bad it is. I didnt know there are stages. If you ladies can share some information with my, that would be most helpful. As I am sure you can relate, I am going out of mind thinking of all the possibilities and even reading your threads. I didnt know endro could be so demanding and life changing. I need teh support of women who are going through what I am or already have. I feel lost. I feel empty. Thank you.


roxyttandme - February 19

Ladies, what is lupron? How does it work?


Lilly2 - February 19

Hi roxyttandme, try this site www.endosfacts.com or go to google and tipe lupron you'll have a lots of informations.Good luck to you and baby dust too.


Tracy - February 19

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to be so frightened. I met a young woman the other day who had three surgeries for endo then got PG, so it can happen. She was pushing her beautiful son around in a stroller at the mall. Keep the faith!!!!!



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