Just startin Clomid Jan 2007
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Mzwest83 - January 16

Just like the title says I will be starting Clomid here pretty soon. Just waiting around for AF to come before I start. I am taking it for irregular cylce ranging from 14 days to 3 months. Looking for someone to start and share stories with.


babybugKey - January 21

Hi Mzwest, My name is Key and I just Finished 100mg of clomid days 3-7. I am on cycle 10 today. I guess I will start OpK testing tonight. Well I didn't have any major side effects on clomid, Just those annoying migraines that Started around the 3rd pill. I also had an HSG ( x-ray test) done on cycle plan 8. So hopefully the combination of both gives me a BFP!!!!! i'll keep you updated. baby dust....


hopefulljules - January 21

Hey again girl! You are startign Clomid! That's great. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to talk to him about it. I have been on metformin, as you know, for a while now, and nothing has happened. I think they will put me on it, but we will see. It would be nice if we could both be on it together, seeing how we have already been through alot together on here!


mbostick25 - January 22

Any women who is taking clomid please take one childrens asprin a day. I've read up on clomid it thins your uterus lineing. If you take a childrens asprin it helps. Less chance of miscarriage. I lost twins on clomid due to this problem.


mother2Bsoon - January 22

Hi All! I am starting clomid this month too. I am first taking provera (5 pills) to start AF and then will begin clomid CD5-9. Just on day four of provera. Will let you know how we are doing. Thanks for the heads up about the baby aspirin. Will look in to it.


Mzwest83 - January 22

KEY- Hope you get your BFP soon.
Hopefulljules!- I was just wondering what happened to you! I am still waiting for AF to start. Last month I started on 26th. BUt with my cycles so off who knows when! My doctor gave me a 2 month RX for Clomid but hoping it will only take one. When do you think you will start taking it?
mbostick25 - I am taking 81mg of asprin aday against my doctor. I heard it is better for you. But doc says no asprin at all.


hopefulljules - January 23

MZ- last month I started on the 25th! I didn't go to the Dr today, becuase my husband found out that he might be transfered in the next few months, so we are going to hold off on the clomid until we find out for sure where we will be! I will still me on the Metformin, and when AF starts I will start charting again! Good luck to us all!


Mzwest83 - January 24

Yah! We can be cycle buds again! I am just waiting on pins and needles for AF. I can't believe how much I want to start. I guess i am afriad of going to work ( Friday, Saturday and sunday) with bad mood swings! So if I start Friday the 26th I will not have to take clomid until Monday.


dizoney - January 25

HI all. hope you don't mind if I join. I started my 3rd round of 150 mg of Clomid yesterday, CD2. DH and I have been ttc for 6 months. I was dx with PCOS when I was 17; I am now 26. I started Clomid at 50mg, then 100, now 150. My side effects have been HORRIFIC mood swings about CD10 or 11 (my husband swears he is married to the devil sometimes!), dizzness beginning right away, and visual disturbances beginning after the las pill. My doctor has upped my dosge as well as changed the days I take the pills, but she doesn't do any kind of tests during my cycle. *********MZWEST- when do you expect AF?


hopefulljules - January 25

Guess what! She came! All by herself, and right on time! That's so exciting! Now I cam start charting and we will see what happens!


mother2Bsoon - January 25

Hi All! MZwest83, yesterday was my last day to take provera. Prayerfully, AF will show her face on tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I hope we are on the same cycle or at least very close. I am to start on CD5-9 with 50 mg of Clomid. I recently found out I have a mild case of PCOS, however, I am hoping for a miracle. Dizoney, I pray that your side effects will lessen their intensity. You know, I think AF might be getting ready to show her face, because typically when it is time my husband seems to be PMSing...and he is RIGHT NOW!!! (lol). Good luck to all. My prayers are with you...MIGHTY Baby dust to you all!!!


Mzwest83 - January 25

dizoney Welcome to the group! My doctor thinks I have PCOS I have had some test for it but they were (-) but I just had blood work done again. My expected AF is the 26th but last month I was almost a month late. I am hoping I will start soon . I did not have a surge on my OPK this month so who knows. I just can't wait! I am really scared about my mood swings! Your you weepy, sad, or mad with the pills? When are you suppose to have your AF?~mother2Bsoon~ Yah some one else to have the same cycle!! So I will not be the only one holding my breath for friday! Does anyone know the difference in days to start? I am 3-7 but I have heard of 1-5, 2-6, 3-7 and 5-9. I have to say I am so happy to have a group of wonderful people to be going through this with. I tell my friends about my fertility problems but no one really understands unless you are in the same boat! Good luck to every one. I will be writting back soon!!!


Mzwest83 - January 25

For the girls who have already started clomid, did your doctor give you anything for CM dryness? I heard it can be a problem with clomid.


mother2Bsoon - January 25

Well, so far AF has not showed her face...but I pray she will be here by tomorrow. If so, MZ we will be on the same cycle. My OB didn't give me any thing for CM dryness. Thanks to this site and all the threads, I was able to ask all the right questions. In fact, out of all the patients she has served, they have not had any major side effects...and approximately 80% have been successful and about have of that has been successful on the first try. Just waiting on AF... Many Blessings to you all!!


s_80 - January 25

hi i just have a quick question..i'm on clomid 50 mg day 3-7 round 1. i will start testing on cd10- whenever i ovulate..how often do u have intercourse when see +opk and do u keep testing after that too until u see negative


Mzwest83 - January 26

s_80 They say to have sex as soon as you have a + OPK then every other day is best. But don't start to test until 10 days or so after your last pill or you will get a false +.~ mother2Bsoon ~ I hope to start by tomorrow. I sure am PMSing. Very grumpy and want chocolate. Good signs. My hubby and I still ttc this month but don't think it really worked because I had no + OPK. Who knows though! Keeping my fingers crossed Baby dust!


mother2Bsoon - January 26

Hey everyone! I pray all is well. MZ - i really wanted some chocolate today...actually all week, sneeking dark chocolate hersey kisses. The past three months I have been exercising everyday, watching what and when I eat. So, I have really tried to stay away from sweets....don't think I can hold out much longer (lol). Baby Dust TO ALL!!



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