Just started Provera
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SkyKennels - February 8

Hey girls,
Me -- first time on meds after ttc for 9 months. You -- maybe, help me? ;-) Dr. put me on provera 10 mg for 10 days to get my cycle going. In the past year, only had it twice, once incidentally just a month ago, very heavy second day, which is unusual for me, then very sluggishly for another 5. And before that, nothing for over 7. PCOS, grr! So, she says, I should just go ahead and induce it before trying clomide, 100 mg, cd 3-7. So, my question is, did anyone take that much provera? and what were ur s/e, if any? How did it work for your, girls? And isn't it the same med they give to support the pregnancy in the beginning, only in a lot smaller dose petering out gradually?
Looking forward to chatting with you all,


SaintRose83 - February 9

No, Provera is different than progesterone. Provera is a progestin... they use that to start a cycle. While Progesterone is used to maintain a pregnancy when homone level is low. I just finished my 1st cycle of Clomid 50mg. I was going to take Provera, but I got my period before I took the pills. I have been on Provera be4 and both times I was on it for 10 days and had heavy bleeding. As for the Clomid, 50mg did make me ovulate... but no pregnancy. I just started my period yesterday, and I am going to be on Clomid 100mg on Sunday. I also will be taking progesterone suppositories once I ovulate, due to low progestone.



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