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D. - July 29

I fired 3 REs. The first RE I went to died, but I really liked him and wished I had had more time with him. He thought I had PCOS and even mentioned this in writing to my OB/GYN. The second RE told me some stuff I didn't agree with. I questioned him on it and he told me that I needed to trust him, after all he was the professional and trained for this, not me. WRONG!! So I fired him. The next RE was OK. I didn't much care for his protocol but his clinic came highly recommended. I gave them two shots at IVF. The first one they oversuppressed me. The second was a failure. I asked about PCOS and his words: You're not fat and you're not hairy so you don't have it. WHAT??? You're fired. The next RE did a clomid challenge. Why? I already knew my FSH levels were slightly elevated. Well, I didn't argue because I really really wanted to stick one out. I told him that perhaps I was PCO. He looked at me and said the same thing as the previous just more medically "nice": No hirsutism, no obesity, you don't have PCOS. When the resutls of the CCT came in, he said they were "far too high and IVF was all I could do". My levels came in at 10.4. hardly a death nell to conception. He also refused to give me a miscarriage work up because "I'd only had two losses". FIRED!! So, I am now on the last RE available to me. I walked in and he took one look at the skin tags on my neck and my acne and said "How are you treating your PCO?". He immediately ordered a miscarriage workup, a PCOS workup and diabetes testing. He flat out told me no frozen sperm, but IUI was more than acceptable since I was able to get pregnant twice in less than 6 months. So here's my advice: 1) Doctors are not gods. They are only human. Most are wonderful people but some don't know what they're doing and ruin it for everyone else. So PLEASE don't follow blindly. Do your research and ask lots of questions. And if you feel strongly about something, LET THEM KNOW! 2) Buy the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wechsler. It will teach you more about your body than even your doctor may know. Lots of doctors will tell you that charting is of no value. And that's simply not true! There are 1000's of women out there who will tell you different. 3) Chart!! Join Fertilityfriend.com or Ovusoft.com. But chart. You will learn when you ovulate (we do NOT all ovulate on CD14 or have 28 day cycles!). 4) Trust your instincts. If you are not comfortable or happy with your doctor, no matter how nice they are move on if you can. You have to have faith. I've been doing this for 4 years. I've been at several forums and have learned so much from so many women. And when I went in to see these other REs I knew they would not listen. When I went to this most recent one, I told him: Here's who I am, here's what I do, I will question everything, I will suggest many things. Do you have issues with that? And his response: No. We're a team. RIGHT ANSWER!! HIRED!!

Sorry ladies. Had to get the aggravation off my chest and make sure no one else goes through what I've been going through. Thanks for listening! Babydust to one and all.



Lena - July 29

Great words of wisdom!! I hope this new doctor makes your baby dream come true!! I nearly lost my father in June. He fell 10 weeks earlier and was in such horrible pain that he could not eat and lost 25 pounds. My mother took him to the doctor weekly and in sometimes 2x week. Everytime his doctor told him that he pulled a muscle in his back and because he has Parkinsons, it takes longer to heal. He also told my father that he couldn't prescribe any pain relievers because it would interfere with his parkinson's meds. My father's health declined rapidly and by the 9th week post injury he could no longer walk, his back was slumped, we could barely understand a word he said. My mom flew a Parkinson's expert from across the country to examine my dad, who quickly diagnosed that my father didn't have parkinson, a disease diagnosed by his same doctor 8yrs earlier, but a rare condition that causes fluids to accumulate on the brain. A shunt can not only treat but cure this problem. Before my father could be scheduled for surgery, he collapsed and was rushed to ER. We soon learned that my father fractured two vertebrae that had become infected. His entire body was septic, he had complete renal failure and elevated prostate levels (19! - anything over 2-3 in considered serious). We nearly lost my father because one doctor refused to aknowledge any problem, and used my father's age and prior existing medical condition as a cop out.. I should mention that this doctor told my mother to stop calling his office because she was being a nuisance. The nerve!!My dad has been in the hospital for 6 weeks. He is getting his shunt next week and then he will be home. Yippee!! I'm sorry to share a non pg story with you all, but I really want to emphasize that doctors can be wrong. You know your body better than anyone and if you suspect your doctor isn't giving you the care necessary, GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR!!


merlee - July 29

I agree whole heartedly!!! I have worked in a hospital lab for 15 yrs and have to talk to doctors daily concerning patient tests. We have hundreds of doctors and most don't even have a clue about the tests that they themselves have ordered. There are only a handful for dr's who I respect, who really know their stuff. On a personal level, I have changed my Gen. practictional 2x b/c they didn't have a clue about me and refused to listen to me. I recently got a new gyno b/c the other one just nodded and said "that's good, see you next time". I think I found a good gyno this time (I hope). The RE I went to (my husband called a quack) just smiled and nodded at me and didn't listen to a word I said. He ordered the test (hormone levels) I asked for, then didn't know what they meant! I have been telling people for years now, that you have to be your own health advocate. Know your body and if your doctor tells you something that makes no sense to you, don't listen. Do your homework on the web, there is so much info out there. No one knows you and your body like you do, and if your doctor isn't anwsering your questions or giving you the info you feel you need, don't hesitate to switch to one who does.



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