Just Plum TTC April10!!!!
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jodi-ttc-08 - July 28

hello rom.. glad to see your still here and your BACK too... good luck... i am 42 days past d&c and as far as i can tell 12 dpo... i did clomid 2 days after d&c but it didnt help bring my cycle to normal length or help with O.. i am just hoping i O'd on my own.. i got a repeat script for clomid if this cycle is bust.. but thats funny too.. coz i kicked hubby out.. just a couple of days ago... we have a house full of kids and he does not contribute to anything and my bubble just burst... i dont need a 42 yr old child... whos life is spent watching tv and me do everything without any assistance... but im happy with my decision, so far anyway.. at least without him here i know i have to do everything...and dont expect help.. but when you have a husband/partner, who's kids from a previous marriage also live with you. i'd expect perhaps a little assistance.. but no.... oh well.. will either have a +htp or AF in a few days... its been 6 weeks since D&C today... when does AF normally show up after a m/c ??????


wantanotheraftertr - July 29

Jodi mine was 40 days but dint take clomid so I have no idea what to tell you! hope things work out with you and dh. Rom welcome bck text me when ever you want you know I will get back to you I hope it happens quickly for you! then we wont be to far apart hard to believe we should all have babies right now with Shal but it wasnt ment to be and we can enjoy her little princess. well I will chat with you all later bye for now love you all too this baby makin sure has made a bond between us thats strong I never thought it would be like this when we started this thread! but Im greatful xxx


jodi-ttc-08 - July 30

i did a hpt this morning and got a faint pos... but im holding my breath coz i really believe its a false pos or an evap line... my temp has dropped in the past 2 days and tummy is getting cramps as if awaiting AF... will let you know what happens in the morning... and hubby came crawling back as usual saying he doesnt want to leave and will try to put in an effort... oh well i can only hope..


Shal - July 30

Wow!!! I just go away to have a baby and it all happens while i'm away.Good Good Luck this cycle Rom, I really hope it happens for you, i'll be praying from this end, lovely to see you back ;O) My fingers are so crossed for you Jodi, lets hope this is a nice sticky BFP, i had AF cramps with every BFP. Pam and Shawn, how are you feeling? Shawn i saw your pictures, your baby looks gorgeous, i'm so excited for you both. As for me, life has been crazy this past week, I went for my 39 week appointment last tuesday, the doctor decided to give me a sweep, and said i was 3cm, and my waters were bulging and he expected me back in delivery that night, but that didn't happen even after doing hours on the wii fit hula hooping lol. well they had booked me in for the next day anyway so i called them at 7.30a.m. and they said come in at 10. when we got there they were busy and told us to wait around till 1, at 1 they monitored the baby for an hour, then told me i'd be going down to have my waters broke at 3. well 3 came and they took me to delivery, and set up the drip with my antibiotics for the strep B, they took about an hour and a half to go in, then the midwife said they had to wait 2 hours before they could break my waters to allow the antibiotics time to get to the baby, i felt like all id done all day was wait lol, but it was ok, me, DH, my mum and my 17 year old sister Emily had a lovely day just hanging around the hospital dragging my case everywhere with us, we even went in the hospital restaurant and had lunch. Ok, so at 7, I had started to have mild contractions, nothing to shout about but they were every 4 minutes, the midwife came to break my waters...i've never seen so much!! they gushed everywhere. 10 minutes later i was hurting, by 8 i had the urge to push, but i was away with the fairies on my gas and just breathing through the pains, there was a sign on the wall above the sink tat said DO NOT DRINK, i read it as DO NOT PUSH and thought it was flashing at me lol, that gas is crazy shit. with all my boys there has always been heart decelerations and i've had everyone screaming at me to push, this time it was different, it was the same as when i had my DD, no urgency, it was very relaxed, and i was gobby lol, i said to the midwife at 5 past 10, "you dont have your gloves on" she told me thats because i was only 3cm, and i just laughed in her face and said ok, i then looked accross to DH and my mum and said "i'm only 3cm...WATCH" i then turned to get my gas back off my sister who was getting off her trolley inbetween my pains hahaha, this is the strange bit, i was there just breathing through the pain, when i felt a pop, i can remember thinking to myself that was m waters popping, then thinking, huh?? but my waters have already been popped, i then felt a bigger pop, i could see the midwife shouting at my mum to press the bell, my sister snapping away with the camera, but that was nothing new, lol i have so many pictures of my mini on display during that labour bless her lol. The next thing i knew my mum took the gas out of my mouth and said will you have a look at what you've done...she pushed my head down to see and i couldn't believe it, i didnt even push and there was my baby, the cord was through the middle of her legs so i had to move it to see what it was, then i was just crying..OMG we have a girl...it's a little girl, mum i have a girl!!!! my sister, as standing at the end of the bed and i looked at her and said "Emily, meet baby Emily" she was gobsmacked and she cried lol, I know she was going to be Lucy but my sister had done my head i calling my bump baby emily so much, she even did the same with Chris, check out my tagged photos on facebook, he was baby emily a few times lol so Emily she is, and i couldn't leave my other sister out that's why she got Emily Annie. DH and my mum were both crying too, it was very emotional
8 days later i still can't believe it, i keep looking at her and giggling, i've been shopping and she has sooo many pink outfits, i wouldnt even buy her a denim dress the other day because it was blue lol, after 4 boys on the trot she is going to be so pink!! and she is sooo good, i take back all i ever said about baby girls, my other DD was a nightmare but Emily seems to be so content, she really is a little doll,
So, that really is it for me and my baby making years, i'm so pleased i missed that pill when i did (hahaha) (i knew it'd work out good) DH is booked in on monday to see the doctor about getting the snip, so really no more babies for me, but what a lovely way to end my baby years....with a pink one, i keep giggling, you know i wont be going anywhere, i'll still be here for you all, when i think back to when i was TTC Chris you girls were all Rocks, you got me through many a bad time, i love you all xxx


wantanotheraftertr - July 30

shal I so would have loved to be a fly on the wall in your room! LOL you sound delightful in labor. I will be having a scheduled c setion somewhere around the 1st of March if everything goes as planned. I so can not believe I did not get a pic of my scan. I should have another one on the 25th of Aug and you can bet I will be getting one then. I dont think it would have been a good pic anyway as he was hard to find in there. Took some good looking around and hip tilting to find him. Jodi how long did you wait to read you test? Personally I have neer had a false + and I waited a long time with some of them to read and always thought they were an evap line then they turned out to be +. this one I took mid day at work to prove to myself af was just late and the + showed up as it went thru took longer for the control line to develop LOL. I already feel like a big cow but am not showing just large however my uterus feels full like it weighs a ton if that makes any sense. I have very sore boobs especially when I take off my bra and have some neusea and low back pain already nut I welcome every symptom as it makes me feel like everything is ok since I have to wait so long to know anything more.Joe says he wants to go to the baby dr and get a baby boy to bring home to live with us. LOL he is just to cute. I tell him we have to wait and see what happens we really havent told him his so little and would not comprehend till my belly gets big. This is my last also shal either way! Rom I cant wait to hear how things go for you lets just pray for a fast sticky BFP well not a fast conception but you know LOLShaun I have to go check out the pic I must have missed it... I'm sure its wonderful can't wait to know what youre having! Heck what I'm having for that matter (however) I'm very certian its a boy in there! love and miss you all


jodi-ttc-08 - August 3

ok its cd 1 for me.. and its very light.. i guess thats a plus.. it has taken 6 weeks and 5 days to get here... shal your gorgeous....i loved the story... 3cm pffft and pop..lol. well done.. that showed em.. its you and i, rom.. i will be right behind you...and we will be right on your heels pam..xxx let the count down begin...


janelle christine - August 3

I have a quick question, anyone with any experience with this please let me know. I was on clomid for 3 months and my cycle was about 34 days. In July, my husband and I decided I should take a break from the clomid and ovulation tests, etc, etc. I still marked the week it was best for us to conceive, which was last week. We did our part in trying to make a baby during that week too. Starting Sunday, I have been feeling campy and my breasts are tender. I usually experience this a week before my cyle begins, but it has only been about 3 weeks since my last cycle. My period has never been shorter than the 33 or 34 days. Its been as long as 55-60 days. Should I be getting my hopes up or am I just setting myself up for disappointment???


wantanotheraftertr - August 4

Janelle its hard to say. It could be because your bady is trying to get normal after the clomid or it could be a good sign. I always say don't get your hopes up to early those BFNs are hard enough on us when were not feeling anything then when the BFP comes it will be wonderfull it will be no matter but you understand I hope. sorry I'm not very gifted in words to explain better I actually had quit trying and was feeling things myself and still tryed to set myself up for the bfn so was completely overwhelmed when I got my BFP Hope you get yours soon!


wantanotheraftertr - August 4

ok am I the only one getting virus threats everythime I come to this site? Its making me nervous. anyway I am starting to see colustrum from my nipples I guess thats a good sign I have to wait till the 25th to see my baby again so I am really paying attention to the symptoms making sure I feel them. Hope all are well and hoping for some BFPs on here soon! need a baby buddy! LOL Shal and hannah are done common' I guess I have shaun LOL almost forgot Sorry Hows things going for you and the baby? Tonya should be havin a grand baby anyday cant wait to hear how hes doing! anyway hope to hear from you soon


jodi-ttc-08 - August 5

for the past 3 days i have been bleeding so so so heavy... having to change a pad every 2-3 hours..and big clots...i have to try not to cough or its gushes out like doing a wee... i hope it backs off soon. im not getting much sleep because of it. i am doing clomid 200mg this round. so that should help shorten this cycle and give me a boost..as long as hubby is around when i need him it should go well... i typed a huge post the other day.. and it said no websites or emails and cleared my entire post. i didnt even add such stuff... so peeved..


jodi-ttc-08 - August 5

yes hubby is back.. he slept in his car for a few days and then came home pleading for forgiveness and to come home...and so far has been really helpful as compared to doing absolutely nothing.. lets hope it keeps up. cant make babies without him..lol


wantanotheraftertr - August 9

shal I got on here on my laptop but not my pc not sure whats up with that but oh well here I am. Jodi hope everything goes well with dh. are you really sure its worth the effort? I am deffinatly blessed with my dh he is so helpful and understanding. I so hope he can change for you and be everything you want him to be. Dh and I will celebrate 21 years together on aug 18th not sure what we will do for our anniversary but can't wait for it to come that puts me closer to the 25th so I can check in on the baby... I'm 10 weeks yesterday by lmp but 9 by scan so I'm going with the 10 weeks cuz i'm sure he will catch up yes I do believe this is a boy LOL. Shal hows miss Emily? Rom whats happening how many dpo? Shaun hows the little guy growing everything going good? Hey do any of you remember emilylulu? she announced her BFP right about the time shal did wonder what happened to her LOL. HAHAHAHA. I know there many of your names Ive forgotten how are things going for everyone? Tonya anything happening for you not even sure if you peek in on us anymore but I see you on fb will catch you there. hope you all are well will update soon


wantanotheraftertr - August 9

well all this is probably going to be my last post I wish you all well and hope you get youre hearts desires! I once again have lost the baby so a vascetomy will be in the near future cuz 8 pregnacies and 4 children is all I can do! will keep up with you all on facebook though love ya


jodi-ttc-08 - August 10

pam, what happened ?


jodi-ttc-08 - August 10

emilylulu.. think she had a daughter the exact day and time as someone else and i think they named them the same name too...funny thing that...:)


Shal - August 10

Pam??? WTF??? i was just speaking to you yesterday, what's happened hun?



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