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chorona - July 13

Hi ladies,
Have any of you had success with Femara(letrozoel) coupled with an IUI?
I'm on cd4 and started taking Femara last night and will start being monitored next Monday to see growth of follies. I've already done one round of Clomid with a set of IUIs in May. Got pregnant but lost it right away (chemical pregnancy), so now we're trying 5mg of Femara. What have your symptoms been on Femara?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Baby dust to all!


wantanotheraftertr - July 16

nothing to report yet had u/s on tuesday which was to early to see a baby but was spottinghich has stopped and was having pain so was thinking eptopic which it is not. I do have a cyst and will have to wait till next friday which is my birthday for another u/s. hope all are well and will be back next week


jodi-ttc-08 - July 19

i am cd 32.. i was taking my temp and got 36.01-36.05 every morning. then yesterday it went to 36.23 a big jump so i did an opk and got a +.. but of course with the temp rise i think i have missed any oportunity.. as i thought af would be arriving i backed off on the bd'ing... but managed to get 2 in a row last night and the night before... cross my fingers i wasnt too late... and my insides have been feeling a little crampy all this arvo. as they usually do mid cycle when i have a clomid cycle that works.... obviously this round didnt work... so i am gonna say that i have just started the 2ww... and will keep you updated.... shal.... push that baby out !!!!! pam how are you holding up ? shaun ? angel? every one ???


jodi-ttc-08 - July 22

congrats shal.xxxxx can't wait to hear all about the events leading up to the birth.... as for me i am now 5 weeks post d&c and nothing to tell..


wantanotheraftertr - July 22

congrats on miss Emily Annie Shal! she is beautiful! I told you it was a girl LOL! I know I told you on Facebook but again you have to hear it here as well. I will be posting update on here after my 8:30 am ultra sound in the morning hope all are well Jodi its so hard after a m/c to kknow when o will happen hope you caught it.


jodi-ttc-08 - July 22

i am 6 dpo. i was using fertilityfriend. and i overlayed this chart against my pg chart from camerons cycle.. and they are identical.. at this stage anyway. same temperature shifts, same bd pattern..except that O is usually day 17 and this one is day 30... i hope its all good news pam... shaun hows your pg going ??? talk soon xxx


rom - July 23

OMG OMG OMG Shall!!! the little girl is gorgeous!! I have been trying to post on FB for 2 days but my pc wont let me! that little face, priceless! I'm so happy for you! She's an angel, Shal! And I told you it was going to be a girl!!!!! :-)' The pic of you kissing her, Awe, momma loves her! :-) Oh, I want to come see and hold her!!!!!!! You did so good Shal, didn't ya? [3 Romani


wantanotheraftertr - July 23

Well ladies I didnt gat a pic today but I got a beautiful heartbeat for my birthday today! I have faith that God is working with extra care on this little one keep praying that is what is working and thats all that can work thanks for believeing with me! yeah I have a baby!


stilltryingfor6 - July 25

Hello Pam!! I'm SOOOOO happy for you! That was an awesome birthday gift!!! I guess I've missed everyone's facebook links somewhere along the way! Shal I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the baby! How do I find your page? I want to find all of your pages actually so if everyone could tell me how to locate you then I'll request you. I want to tell you how to request me, but I have nosey people in my family that have nothing better to do than "google" my name to try to find out what I've been up to so I never put the true correct spelling of my name online because I'm quite sure I'm the only one in the entire world!! LOL

I'll try to tell you in code though... Here goes.. LOL My first name is "aunva" with a Ch in front of that and my middle name is smith which is my maiden name and my last name is..... Here goes code again "Compte" with Le before it!! I hope that you ladies can piece it together and find me!! LOL I'd LOVE to connect with each of you on facebook!! That way I can put names with the rest of the faces too!!

As for my pregnancy.... I had a SCH last week. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow to have it looked at. My baby is doing just fine though. Last Tuesday he/she was moving around like crazy with a heart rate of 166. I don't like the spotting I've been having because of the bleed, but it is nice to be able to see my baby every week and know that he/she is doing well. I'm going to see if the Dr. can tell us what we're having tomorrow. I'm praying he can!:)

Well good luck to all of you trying. I am abdolutely LOVING BEING PREGNANT even when I feel sh*tty!! LOL I can't wait to meet this beautiful baby!

ROM!!!!!!! You came back on and I missed ya!! HIYA my short tube buddy!! LOL


wantanotheraftertr - July 25

shaun glad things are looking so good! I did get to see the heartbeat but I still worry cuz it was so low and I also had a large yolk sac both which are not good signs but I believe my god is bigger than any of that heck he can raise the dead he can sustain this pregnancy and make a perfect baby right! I keep believeing and I know thats how Ive made it this far! I will try to look you up on facebook shaun however if it doesnt work for me mine in Pam potter dodero Talk with you later


stilltryingfor6 - July 25

Pam, I also beleive in the power of prayer. Even doing IVF all odds were stacked against me, but I had faith and beleived and here I am almost 12 weeks on Wednesday!! ;) I'll keep you in my prayers! Stay positive!


wantanotheraftertr - July 25

thanks Shaun that is the only thing getting me going in this pregnancy. I don't think I would have gotten this far without it I know I wouldnt have there has been a few thime I was about to give up because of the circumstances but I didnt I take progesterone so if I stop taking it it would cause a m/c. My blasted dr hasnt called at all since the u/s early friday morning and shes out on mondays so who know when or if I will hear from her. I would like to know whats next in my care. another u/s or just an office visit in a fe weeks I know things dont look good but if Im not giving up how dare she. anyway theres my vent for now LOL take care


wantanotheraftertr - July 27

so today is Tuesday its almost 3:30 and my dr still hasnt called to let me know whats next in the care of this pregnancy. I even called at 10 this morning to find out what she wants to do next. I know things dont look good but how dare my dr give up and not even call me! she better have a good reason for just dropping this. I am so frustrated Shal where the birth story? need to know details LOL was it a short labor or what? I know you are busy with that precious little girl though missin everyone!


wantanotheraftertr - July 27

ok so I finally talked to the dr and she said it looks like a normal baby so far so I have my first appt on aug 25th. I have to wait 4 weeks which is a bummer but I really feel like this baby is ment to be here so I just announced on fb keep prayin for this little baby please we need all we can get


rom - July 28

ok, i'm so emotional I feel like crying, but it's in a good way! I'm so happy for all my peeps who are pregnant (Pam and Shaun) and just had their baby girl (Shal!!!!!!!) Jodi, you and I need to join them soooo it will mess up all my plans but I took clomid days 3-7 this month, today being my last pill. I figured well I can always finish school afterwords but I can't have my baby later, I am going to turn 40 next month!! I am still going on with my plans and only will divert if blessed with another pregnancy so wish me luck guys and I love you all and am so STINKIN HAPPY for YOU !!!!


jodi-ttc-08 - July 28

hello rom.. glad to see your still here and your BACK too... good luck... i am 42 days past d&c and as far as i can tell 12 dpo... i did clomid 2 days after d&c but it didnt help bring my cycle to normal length or help with O.. i am just hoping i O'd on my own.. i got a repeat script for clomid if this cycle is bust.. but thats funny too.. coz i kicked hubby out.. just a couple of days ago... we have a house full of kids and he does not contribute to anything and my bubble just burst... i dont need a 42 yr old child... whos life is spent watching tv and me do everything without any assistance... but im happy with my decision, so far anyway.. at least without him here i know i have to do everything...and dont expect help.. but when you have a husband/partner, who's kids from a previous marriage also live with you. i'd expect perhaps a little assistance.. but no.... oh well.. will either have a +htp or AF in a few days... its been 6 weeks since D&C today... when does AF normally show up after a m/c ??????



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