just ovulated on the 14th, anyone else in waiting???
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milissa to nicola - April 23

WOW" you seem to work alot" what is it that you do?? I must say it was very crazy to hear that you live in england..we are completely around the world from each other..amazing'..ya weekends suck! when I worked as a waitress that was the busy time made alot of money though!! well I hope that you have fun, WE did!! if ya know what I mean" hha hhe.. I have to ask though all this stuff about king and gueen as that were you are??? cause you know we have that fuck head Bush ,thats making the United State fall apart....well I bought a opk yesturday just to make sure I was not ovulating,it was negative. I'm now 9dpo and I have not taken my temps because of evrything the last couple of days so I think I 'm not goingto do that anymore? I don't need to start getting crazy about having a baby, I want it to be fun.. well if you want to stop talking on here. I will give you my e-mail address...but thats totaly up to you hon....talk to you soon again, (((hugs))) miss


Milissa - April 24

I wonder how rebecca is doing?????


rebecca - April 25

Hi girls, well once again i am gutted to discover i am not pregnant and the symptoms were indeed my period. I'm not as upset as i thought i'd be. Just got back from the doctor who wants me to try another course of Chlomid this month. I didn't want to take it as i felt i needed a month off from the pressure (and the sex!!) but i've taken the first tablet and he is referring me to a specialist fertility unit for a laproscopy to make sure there are no blockages or problems with my tubes, hubby has to go for the old 'you know you know' test! he is really embaressed about it already! Hope i am the only one who has had bad news, let me know how you're all doing.
I'll keep in touch on this board with you all.xx


Milissa to rebecca - April 25

Sorry to hear that!! Well we are still in waiting me and Nicola... I can't understand why we all can't get pregnant after all we have children already??? well good luck, I'm 11 dpo and I took a test -, so i 'll just wait...miss


Melissa - April 25

Hi Milissa - I'm sorry you got bad news. I am praying for you! My friend had the laproscopy done and got preg the next month. She did have a blockage. So, maybe that will be the answer to your prayers.


Melissa - April 25

Sorry Milissa, my post was ment for Rebecca. I hope everything turns out good for you still Milissa.


MILISSA - April 25

thanks milissa.


Dee - April 26

I'm waiting just got a surge on the 24 and a iui on 25. i'm hoping it's good. i do however have a brown discharge i had a little when the doc did the iui but he didn't say anything about it. I also have ovulation pain I had it a day before i got my surge and still have a little pain today 4-26-05 i hope it worked i've been on clomid for 3 months and had a u/s on day 11 of my cycle 5 days before my iui and i had a follicle that looked mature i hoped it did what it suppose too.. prior to that in january i had surgery to clean scar tissue that was blocking my ovaries i hoped it worked i'm 38 and my clock is ticking



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