just ovulated on the 14th, anyone else in waiting???
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Milissa - April 15

just in the waiting period again this month! I have been charting for acouple of months. My cycles are never the same. just wondering if theres a waiting body out there? Trying for # 2 (baby). thanks


rebecca - April 18

Hi Melissa! I have one little girl already and am trying for number 2! I ovulated day 16 so have another 9 days before my period is due. I did a test yesterday which was neg but i read on this site that that would have been too early to get a result anyway. I hate this waiting, I have been on chlomid for 3 cycles already but this 4th one is the first time i detacted my ovulation. I hope that as we managed to make love on the right day (and several before and after!) this may be the month. I wish it will be successful for you too.



Milissa - April 18

Thank you rebecca, I read and have been reading alot about all of this ovulation stuff and when is the right time to have sex, the number one thing I have read is do not have sex after ovulation because you are doing more harm then good, your killing the good sperm who have been waiting for the egg.I have seen alot of women on this clomid? I realy hope its worth it? are you taking anything else to help with your cm? I have been drinking green tea every morning and taking my vits. Also drink a glass of OJ the C*E&Zinc (minute maid) it has alot of the things we need to help the proccess..I am now 4dpo it is nervous waiting but try not to think about it ALOT' anyways, talk to ya soon, ((((hugs))))


nicola - April 19

Hi there milissa. I also ovulated on the 14th and am crossing my fingers in the hope that I have been lucky. Trying for my second child also but all this waiting is so frustrating (I'm sur you agree)! Like most other women I have drove my husband mad this month demanding sex for 1 purpose (though it has been fun) so heres hoping for the best for both of us x x x


Michelle - April 19

I was waiting until the 17th, but AF came. For more discussion on waiting to get pregnant come Join us at <a href="http://www.helpurb
Pregnancy Center </a>
I am trying after a reversal of a tubal ligation.


Milissa - April 19

Rebecca and nicola well this is nice we are all trying for #2 and we have to work this hard..last time it just happend I was not trying so hard...NICOLA as for me I also had to grab my husband by his ears just to have is little guys' why is it that any other time they want sex but when we need it for a week they are like kids kicking and screaming....hha hhhe don't get it? it is now 5 dpo and waiting!!!


bump - April 20



Nicola - April 20

Hi Milissa, good to hear from you. Still got my fingers crossed for us both and for REBECCA too! your experiences sound very similar to mine, I didnt have to try for my first child either infact that pregnancy wasn't even planned! Cant work out if I have got a good feeling this month or if it is just wishful thinking. Just want to do the test and put my mind at ease! let me know how you get on. x x x


rebecca - April 20

Melissa, Nicola and Michelle Hi!

Before I discovered i was pregnant the first time I cried and cried for no reason or at the smallest thing, Yesterday my two and a half year old started nursery and wet herself, I was distraught and cried from 12.30 when i picked her up right thru til 5pm when my husband came home from work! I am either very pre-menstrual or fingers crossed, pregnant as thats the way i was last time.around 10 dpo now. Will test again at the weekend with a first response kit which apparantly picks up HCG levels 4 days from your due date. Keep in touch and I hope this is the month for all of us


Nicola - April 20

Hi Rebecca, it sounds very promising for you I hope you are experiencing the same signs of your first pregnancy. I noticed yesterday a metallic taste in my mouth, I also experienced this during my first pregnancy ( I just hope I'm not clutching at straws). I too hope that this is the month for all of us it would be lovely to share our thoughts and experiences at the same time! let us now how you get on with your test, good luck. I will keep checking for futher messages from you and Milissa. x x x


Milissa - April 20

HI GIRLS" well the wierdest thing happend to me yesturday when trying to work out. I could not due my crunches? I had a c-section with my son and where the scar is it hurt(above pubic bone). so I had to stop..I was very bloated all day just in the lower part of the belly? I woke up last night around 3:30 and had to pee was VERY thirsty even my eyeballs were dry? could be the weather i live in Michigan? i am 6dpo could all be in my head? or the prenatal vitamins? I must say Rebecca I was the same way with my son very sycho chick and cryed for no reason all the time?how many dpo are you? It is very nice to talk to both of you, my husband does not understand why we are like this....hha hhhe men..my son is leaving friday to go to NC his nana just moved there and she is missing him really bad" he will fly on a plane for the first time and I'm very Very worried!! he will be gone for 2 weeks I'm going to miss the little guy but I need some time alone! Well Nicola and Rebecca hope your day went well or is going well its rainy here today but thats fine we need it...talk to you very soon..(((hugs)))


Milissa - April 20

I forgot to say I also suffer from IBS... so that could be it (bloating)??


Nicola - April 22

Hi Milissa good to hear from you. I hope your signs are of pregnancy. I am finding myself in the same situation of noticing symptoms but trying my hardest to put them in to perspective! I know what you mean when you said your husband doesn't understand, I think mine is worried that this month might let me down. I think he is also worried because my sister is expecting her first child in June and we have found out this week that my sister in law is also expecting her first child! He laughed his head off when I told him that we had been leaving each other messages! I too have noticed that I am waking up to go to the bathroom, though I can't blame the weather for anything. I live in England and the weather is horrible! I'm sure your son will have a great time with his nana try not to worry yourself too much, you are blessed that he has a good relationship with her. Well I must get going I have to work in an hour, at least that takes my mind of things for a while! keep in touch and take care x x x


Milissa to nicola - April 22

Hi again thanks for writing back I needed that. I just got back home from dropping my son off ''''boo hoo'''' funny thing is I was okay with him leaving until we got to the airport, and then when I watched him and his little back pack walk away I lost it. maybe cause hes getting so big or maybe I just realized how much I truly love this little guy... There is alot of tuff times with him( the kid don't like to sleep ) he has alot of energy..woke him up at 6:30 am and he popped up saying' I get to ride in a plane..he's gone for 2 wks.. I really know all of us need this time apart. Well sorry for talken so much about him...Nothing to much different just bloated like crap' boobs hurt yesturday all day,but that too maybe pms? hope your day is a good one. after all it is friday" I think hubby is taken me OUT" ya WHOO''...talk to you soon I hope...miss


Mona - April 23

Same here, waiting period this month for myself too. It's day 19 for me so I still have a few days to go, but I can't wait.........


Nicola to Milissa - April 23

Hi Milissa good to hear from you so soon! I know how you feel about your son we all get like that. I too have a son and although time apart is good for you I even miss him when I'm at work! Try to relax and enjoy the time you get to yourself if you are pregnant it won't last long. hope you have a good weekend and make your hubby take you out! It's 15:15 in England and I have just got back from work, going out in an hour it's my mums birthday, I'm looking forward to it, she will want to know why I'm not drinking though! Got a good excuse though I'm working again tomorrow (hate working weekends)! Going now, take care. Look forward to hearing from you soon x x x


milissa to nicola - April 23

WOW" you seem to work alot" what is it that you do?? I must say it was very crazy to hear that you live in england..we are completely around the world from each other..amazing'..ya weekends suck! when I worked as a waitress that was the busy time made alot of money though!! well I hope that you have fun, WE did!! if ya know what I mean" hha hhe.. I have to ask though all this stuff about king and gueen as that were you are??? cause you know we have that fuck head Bush ,thats making the United State fall apart....well I bought a opk yesturday just to make sure I was not ovulating,it was negative. I'm now 9dpo and I have not taken my temps because of evrything the last couple of days so I think I 'm not goingto do that anymore? I don't need to start getting crazy about having a baby, I want it to be fun.. well if you want to stop talking on here. I will give you my e-mail address...but thats totaly up to you hon....talk to you soon again, (((hugs))) miss



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