Just looking for a little hope!
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Atava - March 28

Just wanted to see if anyone had any success with fertility injections/IUI with several factors working against them. 1) my age 38. 2) surgery for endometriosis. 3) low sperm morphology 3%. I chose to wait to have biological children due to circumstances and I'm at a point where I feel my time is running out. Any advice or suggestions to increase our chances are extremely appreciated.


Sarah_doodlez - March 28

My friend had the "clearing the tube" surgery for endometriosis. I don't know the correct term for the surgery, but I do know that is was cleared for passage. She ended up getting pregnant the next month. I'm not familiar with the others you are talking about, but maybe your tubes need better passage if you have endometriosis. I hope this helps a little. Good luck to you and much Baby dust your way!



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