just had some blood taken, share your stories pls
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meryl - April 17

I came off the pill 12 months ago now. Had regular but long cycles for nearly the whole 9 months. About 40 41 or 42 days. This time i havent been on for three months. Went to the doc today and she did another pregnancy test. It was negative. So she took some blood to test me for loads of things. She said maybe i had a hormonal imbalance which i have no idea what it is. Im so worried i wont be able to conceive! Has anybody else experienced this? I'm only 23 and im so scared i will have bad news! Please somebody write back


meryl - April 17

Please has anybody else been through or going through a similar situation?


angel1976 - April 17

Hi meryl, I came off the pill in September and haven't had a period since... It's about 7 months now... My doctor won't do any tests till it was more than 6 months. Anyway, it turns out that I have a high level of the hormone prolactin. That can stop you ovulating and sometimes your period and it can be caused by several things. My endocrinologist has done more detailed blood tests and I've also gone for an MRI so I find out on the 19th what is causing it and how they are going to treat it. From the research I have done, it is fairly treatable with medication. So this is one example of a hormonal imbalance. Don't worry and good luck to you! I hope you get the results soon. Let me know how you get on.


newmommy - April 18

Meryl, it's possible that you just didn't ovulate. It's happened to me 3 times so far this past year. The first two times, they were 11-week cycles. My Dr. finally put me on provera to induce a period. This last time, I was monitored more closely by an infertility Dr, so she was quicker to put me on meds once she saw that I didn't ovulate a week after she saw a dominant follicule on u/s. That time, she put me on prometrium to induce AF just in case I was by chance pregnant (I wasn't). It's not uncommon not to have a period for a while if you didn't ovulate. Maybe your doc did bloodwork to test for that too??? Try not to worry too much about it. If you do have a hormonal imbalance, most are pretty easily fixable with meds, I think. And if all checks out fine, maybe ask about the provera. Good luck!!!!


meryl - April 20

just had some reults they came up that i was lacking in a female hormone, there doing further tests on that they said so i should find out monday. Anybody have a clue what that means. Its scary! You think once you come off the pill ur going to get pregnant straight away its not that easy though is it!


lizworkinonbaby - April 20

hey Meryl
I too am new to all of this,and just got blood work back and found out I didn't ovulate this month after my first round of clomid. I did not even know that was a problem,maybe it's dumb of me but I though if you were having reg periods meant things were alright. Anyway,keep your head up, I hear alot of that anyway. Its no time to get disscouraged, were just starting...baby dust



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