Just had my CD 12 ultrasound
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ROBYN - April 3

Well me and my future DH (35 days to go) !! Went this morning. to the RE's office. Had my ultrasound and levels checked. I was pretty excited to see that I am about to ovulate. My left side has a mature egg ready anyday. The right has a lot of follicles but not as ready to mature as the left. Uterus looked great and she said my lining also looked great. So this was the completion of my first round of Clomid. We will see what happens in the upcoming days. I always had problems with ovulation. Also never took Clomid before either. Kinda of excited to see what happens.


JENZEY - April 3

Congratulations on the mature follicle Robyn. I'm sending you lots of babydust *~*~*~*~*Goodluck=}


Mega - April 3

Good luck Robyn. That's great that you're ready to O already. Seems like you responded really well to the Clomid. Are you going to use a HCG trigger shot to O, or let it happen naturally? Keep us posted.


ROBYN - April 3

Hi Mega and Jenzey Thanks for responding you guys are great and inspirational. Mega they didnt mention anything about trigger shots. I guess that means naturally. I will find out at 3:30 pm today when I call for my blood work results what the next step they have planned for me. Write to ya'll very soon.


Nikki - April 3

That sounds great! Maybe you'll have your BFP in just two weeks?
This is good news, I hope my doctor will put me on clomid for my next cycle. Hoping it will work as well on me!



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