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babyhopes123 - May 17

I'm 28 been with my husband for 4 years and we've never been "careful" Finally saw Dr. for some help.....I have normal cycles usually 28-34 days. The Dr. says I have LOW Progesterone which means I'm not ovulating. I'm going next week for an HSG, then the Dr. wants to put me on Clomid.
Basically my question is with low Progesterone levels and just taking clomid alone will I mis carry?? Without trying to up the progesterone first???


mommy2josh - May 17

I would think that if your progesterone is low to begin with I would assume that your doctor would give you progesterone supplements together with clomid. I miscarried on my second cycle of clomid. My hCG was at normal levels but my progesterone was very low. I truly believe that my miscarriage was caused by low progesterone. I would make an inquiry with your doc and ask for the hormone supplement. If you do conceive, you would need to continue taking it for at least 12 weeks. But it would be worth it wouldnt it?



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