Just finished 12 days of Prometrium...
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Julie - August 15

How long does it usually take to get your period after your done taking this?? I'm waiting to start Clomid, but still haven't gotten my AF. My last pill was Sat.


Lisa - August 15

I am in the same boat. My last pill of prometrium was on the 29th of July, the doc said it would take up to two weeks for it to start. It has been over that for me so I am not sure what is going on. I am sick of waiting to start clomid.


Julie - August 15

Really? Wow! I didn't realize it could be that long! How much longer do you wait before you call your doctor to find out what's up??


Julie - August 15

Ok, like 1 hour after I wrote this my AF arrived!!! How weird is that?????



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