Just diagnosed w/ PCOS...
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JB0405 - November 14

Hey Mega...about 2-3 days after AF was gone I had been spotting, which is highly unusual for me! Thursday night while I was taking that AWFUL midterm in class, I was cramping HARSHLY on my left side and the pain went all the way around to my back...I was in PAIN! I had a pad on, just in case! When I got home I checked the pad and there was no blood on top BUT when I turned the pad over to wrap it up, I could tell that there was some blood! I swear to you AF was over! DH & I... you know! We wouldn't have done that if AF was still around! Anyway, the next morning I was running for the bus and I swear it felt like my uterus was going to fall out!... When ever I got up from sitting, I felt the same thing! What do you think was going on? I am better now, no issues! I have to see the dr on cd15 which now that I think about it, is tomorrow! So that means I have to catch the 6:30am bus! OUCH!!! LOL! WELCOME ABOARD Chrystina... I suggest you ask your dr if metformin could help you... ask them to give you the pros and cons... keep us in the loop!


JB0405 - November 14

***LADIES, can we start a new thread PLEASE!!! This one is WAY too LONG!!!***



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