Just diagnosed w/ PCOS...
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JB0405 - October 30

Thanks Mega! I really appreciate it! I'm just kind of down right now but I'm sure I don't have to explain that to you! How are you feeling?


Chellebelle - October 30

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, and thank you Mega and JB for your kind words when I was last in touch. Mega, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and JB, I really feel for you, I really hope that all of you in here soon get a BFP, you are all so committed and deserve to with all the hard work and effort you are putting in. Well last time I posted, I said that I had just been diagnosed with PCOS and I was going to see the Gyneachologist at the beginning of October. I went, my man had to do a sperm count and the gyn examined me, but he now wants to do a further examination on me, which is odd as my x-ray back in June showed that I have PCOS, I am upset that I still have to do more tests, I wish they could just start with the treatment. So anyway, they want me to have a Hysterosalpingogram, which I can't have until AF comes, which is very irregular, so I am probably in for a long wait. I have been getting mild cramping, nausea and I have been unable to eat for two days, so as usual I am thinking, could I be pg as I always do, but I know that this is highly unlikely, I will keep you all posted anyway and good luck Mega.


Mega - October 30

JB--I know, this whole waiting really sucks. Of course you're down, completely understandable. Cry, yell whatever you need to to get thru it. As I always tell my DH, you need to prep for a BFN but if the news turns out good, well no prep needed for that. Vent to us if you need too. I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Please keep me posted. You're in my thoughts.


Mega - October 30

Chellebelle--Glad you're back! Thank you. What a kind thing to say. Thanks for the well-wishes too. First, I know how frustrating all the testing they do is, but really it's a GOOD thing that your OB is doing more tests. You want to know everything that you're dealing with. For example the Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) checks for tubal blockages. Using Clomid to get you to O with your PCOS won't help if there's a blockage, etc. In the meantime, have you been tracking O with BBT or OPKs by the way? Could you have O'ed recently? I know how common it is for PCOSy women to be late & get excited and not be pg after all but that said your signs do still sound promising. Good luck. And yes, please keep us posted. Oh by the way, how did your DP's SA go? I hope it was all normal.


JB0405 - October 30

Hey there Chell-thanks for that! I could use all the good thoughts and energy that I can get. Mega, I am so numb right now that I couldn't even think to cry but thanks anyway, LOL! TTYL


JB0405 - October 30

Hey Chelle- that HSG is a good thing to have done... not very comfortable but at the same time, great thing to do. Please keep us updated on everything!


JB0405 - October 31

OK, no need to wait until tomorrow, af has started... went to the bathroom and wiped... wouldn't you know it, BLOOD! Ofcourse I am NOT very happy with this but hey...gotta deal with it!


Mega - October 31

So sorry about AF JB. Hang in there!!


JB0405 - October 31

Thanks Mega!


Mega - October 31

:) We're here when you're up to venting. With all the crap you've been thru this cycle, a BFN just double sucks.


JB0405 - November 1

Mega, you are preaching to the choir!


Mega - November 1

:) Yup!


KeiraYvette - November 5

Betzy, your story is very similar to mine.. My periods were irregular, about 40-50 day cycles... then for the last 5 months I haven't had a period.. My dr kept sending me for blood tests to see if i was pregnant (even when i knew I wasn't).. so I changed Dr's. She did my ultrasound which showed 12 cysts and my blood test results confirmed that I have PCOS... Dr has put me on Metformin, but on low doses and i have to up it every week-month so I dont get too sick on it... This site is a really good source of information. my husband & I want to have kids, so we are just hoping that Metformin helps me to ovulate again. And from what Ive been reading think I'll also stay on Metformin through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (if i have that luck)... Guess its hard as every story is different... Keep reading, and best of luck!


Mega - November 13

JB--How are you doing? Hope things are better for you now. Betzy--I hope things are going good for you too. I wanted to let you ladies know I got a low, but + beta last Thurs. It did double on Sat, up to 46 now. I have a 3rd one on Wed., b/c it's still less than the drs want to see. But I'm still hopeful.


Chrystina - November 13

Hi ladies!!! I've printed out the whole of this thread and I've been reading it. I'm kinda new here although after reading about you all, I feel so close to you all. I'm 21 yrs old and was dx with PCOS 3yrs ago. My bf and I have been trying to conceive ever since. I felt so alone for a long time (until now). I'm not overweight. I'm 5'6'and only at 128lbs, I don't have excess hair nor do I think I am IR. An internal ultrasound showed I have the classic "chain of pearls" covering my ovaries...Falling pregnant is all I can think about these days. I've had ovarian drilling and I'm taking 100mg of Clomid but still no such luck. Everyone is telling me I'm so young and that I have plenty of time, but I've been trying for 3yrs now and it does get VERY frustrating and draining. I will be visiting my Dr on the 28th and I would like to request Metformin but I'm not sure if it'll work on me (as I'm not IR). Anyone with any success stories with this wonder drug to lift my spirits?...


JB0405 - November 14

Hey Mega...about 2-3 days after AF was gone I had been spotting, which is highly unusual for me! Thursday night while I was taking that AWFUL midterm in class, I was cramping HARSHLY on my left side and the pain went all the way around to my back...I was in PAIN! I had a pad on, just in case! When I got home I checked the pad and there was no blood on top BUT when I turned the pad over to wrap it up, I could tell that there was some blood! I swear to you AF was over! DH & I... you know! We wouldn't have done that if AF was still around! Anyway, the next morning I was running for the bus and I swear it felt like my uterus was going to fall out!... When ever I got up from sitting, I felt the same thing! What do you think was going on? I am better now, no issues! I have to see the dr on cd15 which now that I think about it, is tomorrow! So that means I have to catch the 6:30am bus! OUCH!!! LOL! WELCOME ABOARD Chrystina... I suggest you ask your dr if metformin could help you... ask them to give you the pros and cons... keep us in the loop!



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