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MuzikGurl - October 28

Just checking on those that I have spoken to or met on here before I go pregnant to see how everything is going for them....I myself am currently 8 months almost 9 months pregnant now but, I remember when I was on this forum and how hard it was and fustrating it was to get pregnant especially when you are young (i'm 24 now) and feel like you've done everything right but, still it's not happening...I've been there and I want to drop a note just to say I am thinking of you all and hope you all get the baby of your dreams really soon and that all your prayers will be answered. Especially with the holiday seasons coming up and everything I know it will be really hard to see families with babies and if you have been trying for years on end I know it's difficult and with treatments and pills and shots and charts and everything that goes along with it I understand how straining it can be, but you do have to take some time and reflect on how precious life is and how creating it is even more precious but, someday hopfully soon you will be holding that little angel in your arms and you will be that family that everyone else looks at on the Christmas cards and on the perfect Christmas photos...keep your hopes up and don't give up. Praying for each and everyone of you....*sprinkling plenty of baby dust*.... take care.=)


patrizia - October 28

thanks muzikgirl for thinking about us that our having millions of difficulties. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and best wishes for your future !


Galina - October 28

Hi MuzikGirl, I do remember you! I am so happy things are going well for you! You are almost there. I wish you a healthy baby and a painless delivery!



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